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attribution checker for python implemented as a decorator
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attrcheck: attribution checker for Python

Copyright (c) 2011, Jun Namikawa <>
License: ISC License (ISCL)

This is a simple attribution checker implemented as a decorator for Python.
All functionality are provided as keyword arguments of the decorator.

=== Example ===

    from attrcheck import attrcheck
    @attrcheck(x=['real'], y=['index', 'strip'], z=dir(list))
    def foo(x, y, z=[]): pass

The code above means the following:

    def foo(x, y, z=[]):
        if not hasattr(x, 'real'):
            raise AttributeError
        if not hasattr(y, 'index'):
            raise AttributeError
        if not hasattr(y, 'strip'):
            raise AttributeError
        for name in dir(list):
            if not hasattr(z, name):
                raise AttributeError

In addition, attrcheck can check default argument values.
Thus, the following code throws AttributeError.

    def bar(x, y=[]): pass

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