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2.3.2 (May 17, 2013)

  • Fix dropdown for firefox (middleclick) and mobile (March 28, 2013)

This patch comes from just rbootstrap not original twitter bootstrap

  • fix position of typeahead
  • adds nerdnews as example site

2.3.1 (February 28, 2013)

Patch release for @fat's n00bery

  • fix missing event type in dropdown
  • fix delegated data-attrs for popover/tooltip
  • make carousel actually pause when you click cycle
  • fix jshint ref in makefile
  • fix trying to remove backdrop when no backdrop

2.3.0 (February 7, 2013)

Minor release to add carousel indicators, improve tooltips, improve dev setup, and fix hella bugs.

  • Repository changes:
    • Local instead of global dependencies for our makefile and install process. Now getting started is way easier—just run npm install.
    • Upgraded to jQuery 1.9. No changes were needed, but we did upgrade the included jQuery file to the latest release.
    • Moved changelog to be within the repo instead of as a wiki page.
  • New and improved features:
    • Added carousel indicators! Add the HTML and it automagically works.
    • Added container option to tooltips. The default option is still insertAfter, but now you may specify where to insert tooltips (and by extension, popovers) with the optional container parameter.
    • Improved popovers now utilize max-width instead of width, have been widened from 240px to 280px, and will automatically hide the title if one has not been set via CSS :empty selector.
    • Improved tooltip alignment on edges with #6713.
    • Improved accessibility for links in all components. After merging #6441, link hover states now apply to the :focus state as well. This goes for basic <a> tags, as well as buttons, navs, dropdowns, and more.
    • Added print utility classes to show and hide content between screen and print via CSS.
    • Updated input groups to make them behave more like default form controls. Added display: inline-block;, increased margin-bottom, and added vertical-align: middle; to match <input> styles.
    • Added .horizontal-three-colors() gradient mixin (with example in the CSS tests file).
    • Added .text-left, .text-center, and .text-right utility classes for easy typographic alignment.
    • Added @ms-viewport so IE10 can use responsive CSS when in split-screen mode.
  • Docs changes:

See more on the 2.3.0 pull request.

2.2.2 (December 8, 2012)

Bugfix release addressing docs, CSS, and some JavaScript issues. Key changes include:

  • Docs:
    • Assets (illustrations and examples) are now retina-ready.
    • Replaced with Holder.js, a client-side and retina-ready placeholder image tool.
  • Dropdowns: Temporary fix added for dropdowns on mobile to prevent them from closing early.
  • Popovers:
    • No longer inherits font-size: 0; when placed in button groups.
    • Arrows refactored to work in IE8, and use less code.
    • Plugin no longer inserts popover content into a <p>, but rather directly into .popover-content.
  • Labels and badges: Now automatically collapse if they have no content.
  • Tables: Nesting support with .table-bordered and .table-striped greatly improved.
  • Typeahead:
  • Print styles, from HTML5 Boilerplate, have been added.

See more on the 2.2.2 milestone.

2.2.1 (October 30, 2012)

Hotfix release to address the carousel bug reports.

2.2.0 (October 29, 2012)


2.1.2 is now 2.2.0: four new example templates, added media component, new typographic scale, fixed that box-shadow mixin bug, fixed z-index issues, and more.


  • Added four new example templates to the docs, including a narrow marketing page, sign in form, sticky footer, and a fancy carousel (created for an upcoming .net magazine article).
  • Added the media component, to create larger common components like comments, Tweets, etc.
  • New variable-driven typographic scale based on @baseFontSize and @baseLineHeight.
  • Revamped mini, small, and large padding via new variables for inputs and buttons so everything is the same size.
  • Reverted 2.1.1's .box-shadow(); mixin change that caused compiler errors.
  • Improved dropdown submenus to support dropups and left-aligned submenus.
  • Fixed z-index issues with tooltips and popovers in modals.
  • Hero unit now sets basic type styles for the entire component, rather than on .hero-unit p { ... }.
  • Updated JavaScript plugins and docs to jQuery 1.8.1.
  • Added file.
  • Added support for installing Bootstrap via Bower.
  • Miscellaneous variable improvements across the board.
  • Miscellaneous documentation typos fixed.

For the full list of issues included in this release, visit the 2.2.0 milestone on GitHub

2.1.1 (September 4, 2012)

  • New feature: alert text. We documented these new classes, like .text-success, at the bottom of the Typography section along with the long undocumented .muted.
  • Fixed a lot of typos in the docs. Spelling is hard.
  • Made the .box-shadow() mixin more durable. It no longer requires escaping for multiple shadows, meaning you can easily use variables and functions in them once again.
  • Widened .dl-horizontal dt and .horizontal-form .control-group to better handle the increased font-size.
  • Dropdown submenus improved: now you only see the next level, not all levels, on hover of the submenu toggle.
  • Clarified jQuery and Bootstrap template requirements in Getting Started section.
  • select now utilizes @inputBorder.
  • .lead now scales up from @baseFontSize instead of being a fixed font-size and line-height.
  • Fixed the vertical three color gradient in latest Firefox.
  • Reordered some variables that caused errors in certain Less compilers.

View all closed issues on the 2.1.1 milestone.

2.1.0 (August 20, 2012)

Key changes

  • Submenu support on dropdowns
  • Affix JavaScript plugin
  • Block level buttons
  • State classes on table rows
  • Improved disabled states on navs and dropdowns
  • The navbar component is now white by default, with an optional class to darken it
  • Improved prepended and appended inputs
  • New base font-size and line-height
  • Added variable for navbar collapse trigger point
  • Fluid grid offsets
  • Fluid grid system variables are no longer fixed percentages
  • Removed LESS docs page

For full set of changes, see the completed milestone:

2.0.4 (June 1, 2012)


  • Added type="button" to all dismiss buttons in alerts and modals to avoid a bug in which they prevent their parent's form from properly submitting.
  • Added simple documentation to Base CSS for .lead.
  • Added new CSS test to illustrate how the navbar, static and fixed, behaves.
  • Clarified grid sizing copy to include mention of responsive variations.
  • Reformatted the LESS docs page to prevent terrible table displays at smaller grid sizes.
  • Miscellaneous typos and tweaks.


  • Refactored forms.less to make our selectors more specific for fewer overrides and less code. Instead of a generic input selector and various resets, we target each type of input like input[type="text"], input[type="password"], etc.
  • Form field state (e.g., success or error) now applies to checkbox and radio labels.
  • Removed redundant CSS on <p> for font-family, font-size, and line-height.
  • Removed redundant color declaration from the <label> element.
  • Added variables for dropdown dividers border colors.
  • legend and .form-actions share the same border-color, #e5e5e5.
  • Fixed some responsive issues with input-prepend and -append, notably with the fluid grid.
  • Added special CSS to prevent max-width: 100%; on images from messing up Google Maps rendering.
  • Scope opened dropdowns to only immediate children to avoid unintended cascade.
  • Similarly, scope floated-right dropdowns to immediate children with .pull-right > .dropdown-menu.
  • Updated .placeholder() mixin to use & operator in Less for proper output when compiling.
  • Added -ms-input-placeholder to .placeholder() mixin.
  • Added CSS3 hyphens mixin.
  • Fixed a bug in IE7/8 where certain form controls would not show text if the parent had a filter opacity set.

2.0.3 (April 24, 2012)

Running makefile now require JSHint and Recess.


  • Overhauled the responsive utility classes to simplify required CSS, add !important to all declarations, and use display: inherit in place of display: block to account for different types of elements.
  • Removed > from fluid grid column selectors, meaning every element with a .span* class within a .row-fluid will use percentage widths instead of fixed-pixels.
  • Fixed regression in responsive images support as of 2.0.1. We've re-added max-width: 100%; to images by default. We removed it in our last release since we had folks complaining about Google Maps integration and other projects, but we're taking a different stance now on these things and will require developers to make these tweaks on their end.
  • Added variable @navbarBrandColor for the brand element in navbars, which defaults to @navbarLinkColor.
  • Font-family mixins now use variables for their stacks.
  • Fixed an unescaped filter on the .reset-filter() mixin that was causing some errors depending on your compiler.
  • Fixed regression in .form-actions background, which was too dark, by adding a new variable @formActionsBackground and changing the color to #f5f5f5 instead of #eee.
  • Fixed an issue on button group dropdowns where the background color was not using the button's darker color when the dropdown is open.
  • Generalized and simplified the open dropdown classes while adding smarter defaults. Instead of, we now use just .open. On the defaults side, all dropdown menus now have rounded corners to start.
  • Improved active .dropdown-toggle styles (for dropdown buttons) by darkening the background and sharpening the inset shadow to match the active state of buttons.
  • Direction of animation on progress bars reversed.
  • Fixed input-prepend/append issue with uneditable inputs: .uneditable-input was being floated and a missing comma meant its border-radius for the append option wasn't being applied properly.
  • Removed height: auto; from img since it was overriding dimensions set via HTML attributes.
  • Fixed an issue of double borders on the top of tables with captions or colgroups.
  • Fixed issue with anchor buttons in the .navbar-text. Instead of a general styling on all anchors within an element with that class, we now have a new class to specifically apply appropriate link color.
  • Added support for @navbarHeight on the brand/project name and nav links for complete navbar height customization.
  • Fixed the black borders on buttons problem in IE7 by removing the border, increasing the line-height, and providing darker background colors.
  • Removed excess padding on .search-query inputs in IE7 since it doesn't have border-radius.
  • Updated alert messages in Components to use button elements as close icons instead of a. Both can be used, but an a will require href="#" for dismissal on iOS devices.
  • Fixed an issue with prepended/appended inputs in Firefox where select elements required two clicks to toggle the dropdown. Resolved by moving the position: relative to the select by default instead of on :focus.
  • Added a new mixin, .backface-visibility, to help refine CSS 3D tranforms. Examples and explanation of usage can be found on CSS Tricks.
  • Changed specificity of grid classes in responsive layouts under 767px to accurately target input, select, and textarea elements that use .span* classes.
  • Horizontal description lists, .dl-horizontal, now truncate terms that are too long to fit in their fixed-width column. In the < 767px responsive layout, they change to their default stacked layout.
  • Changed tabbable tabs to prevent issues in left and right aligned tabs. .tab-content would not growing to its parent's full width due to display: table. We removed that and the width: 100% and instead just set overflow: auto to clear the left and right aligned tabs.
  • Updated thumbnails to support fluid grid column sizing.
  • Added > to most of the button group selectors
  • Added new variable, @inputBorderRadius, to all form controls that previously made use of the static 3px value everywhere.
  • Changed the way we do border-radius for tables. Instead of the regular mixin that zeros out all other corners, we specify one corner only so they can be combined for use on single column table headers.
  • Updated Glyphicons Halflings from 1.5 to 1.6, introducing 20 new icons.
  • Added an offset paramater to the .makeColumn.
  • Increased the specificity of all tabbable nav selectors to include .nav-collapse to appropriately scope the responsive navbar behavior.
  • Fixed uneditable inputs: text now cuts off and does not wrap, making it behave just like a default input.
  • Labels and badges are now vertical-align: baseline; so they line up with surrounding text.


  • Add jshint support
  • Add travis-ci support w/ headless phantom integration
  • Replace UA sniffing in bootstrap-transitions.js
  • Add MSTransitionEnd event to transition plugin
  • Fix pause method in carousel (shouldn't restart when hovering over controls)
  • Fix crazy opera bug #1776
  • Don't open dropdown if target element is disabled
  • Always select last item in scrollspy if you've reached the bottom of the document or element
  • Typeahead should escape regexp special chars
  • If interval is false on carousel, do not auto-cycle
  • Add preventDefault support for all initial event types (show, close, hide, etc.)
  • Fix collapse bug in ie7+ for initial collapse in
  • Fix nested collapse bug
  • If transitioning collapse, don't start new transition
  • Try to autodetect when to use html/text method in tooltip/popovers to help prevent xss
  • Add bootstrap + bootstrap.min.js to gh-pages for @remy and jsbin support

Documentation and repo

  • Combined badges and labels into a single LESS file, labels-badges.less, to reduce repeated CSS.
  • Separated responsive features into multiple files. We now have a file for each grouping of media queries (tablets and down, tablets to desktops, and large desktops). Additionally, the visible/hidden utility classes and the responsive navbar are in their own files. The output is the same in the compiled CSS, but this should give folks a bit more flexibility.
  • Added a new CSS Tests page in the docs (not in the top nav) for better testing of edge cases and extending the use of standard components.
  • Removed the file from the repo and the make process for faster building and a lighter repo. From now on, the zip will only be in the documentation branch.
  • Fixed incorrect use of class instead of ID for tabs example and added documentation for multiple ways of toggling tabs.
  • Fixed required markup listed for the specialized navbar search field.
  • Removed all mention of @siteWidth, a variable no longer in use.
  • Removed mentions of unused @buttonPrimaryBackground variable, which is no longer in use.
  • Updated LESS docs page to include all the new variables we added in previous releases.
  • Removed broken "dropup" menus from tabs and pills examples (shouldn't have been there in the first place).
  • Replaced .badge-error with .badge-important. The error option is not a valid class and was a typo in the docs.
  • Fixed mention of how to add plain text to the navbar. Previously the docs stated you only needed a p tag, but the required HTML is any element with class .navbar-text.
  • Clarified the use of .tabbable for tabs. The wrapping class is only required for left and right tabs to clear their floats. Also added mention of .fade to fade in tabs.
  • Updated forms documentation:
    • Remove unnecessary duplicate help text in first example
    • Added mention of required input class, .search-query, for the search form variation
    • Removed incorrect mention of form fields being display: block; to start as fields are inline-block to start.
  • Added mention of data-target attribute for the dropdowns javascript plugin to show how to keep custom URLs intact on links with .dropdown-toggle class.
  • Updated the Kippt screenshot on the homepage to reflect their recent responsive redesign and upgrade to 2.0.2.

2.0.2 (March 12, 2012)

Overview of docs changes, bugfixes, and new features.

Documentation updates

  • All docs pages now have distinct titles, such as Scaffolding · Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Updated the Apple touch icons (now black on black instead of the blue grid) and fixed the links to them in the docs.
  • Added new global styles docs section to the Scaffolding page.
    • Required use of HTML5 doctype
    • Overview of global typographic and links details
    • Mention of our embedded CSS reset via Normalize.css
  • Added version number to the download button on the docs homepage.
  • Updated progress bars section to simplify how the classes stack and more clearly indicate the available optional classes and styles.
  • Added a new example,, to the homepage
  • Added various sizes to the docs for button groups

Resolved bugs

  • Removed all IE7 hacks and floats from .input-prepend and .input-append, however, this requires you to ensure there is no whitespace in your code between .add-on and the input.
  • In .input-prepend and .input-append, added ability to use add-ons on both sides when you chain the selectors.
  • Updated lingering .btn-dark reference to .btn-inverse.
  • Fixed issue with content being cut off in .tab-content for tabbable sections.
  • Updated .navbar .container to use width: auto; to start and then reset the fixed widths via the #gridSystem mixin (it's a little dirty, but required to avoid adding another class).
  • Modal footer buttons are now aligned by their parent via text-align: right; instead of float: right on the button level. This was changed to allow the use of .pull-left and .pull-right to align buttons easily. Double check your button order with this change!
  • Fixed problem where default striped progress bar was green instead of blue.
  • Fixed CSS selector used for input and textarea grid sizes to properly apply the CSS (was input > .span* and now is input.span*).

New features

  • Horizontal dividers support added to nav lists
  • Added basic version of badges
  • Added visible/hidden classes for devices
  • Added support for buttons in input-prepend/append component
  • Added .navbar-fixed-bottom support
  • Added .dropup support for dropdown menus to pop them upward instead of downward (this is automatically done for the newly added fixed bottom navbar).
  • Added mixin for new image replacement technique
  • Added pause on hover for the carousel
  • Added tons of new variables for typography, buttons, forms, dropdowns, navbar, and more for the LESS pros out there. These variables have also been reflected on the Customize page.
  • Added new horizontal description list variation
  • Added .disabled class support to the pager component (also added a mention of this to the docs)
  • Added .well-large and .well-small classes for extending the well component

For a full issue-by-issue rundown of the release, check out the now closed 2.0.2 milestone on GitHub

v2.0.1 (February 17, 2012)

Overview of changes:

  • Previously the docs called for use of .control-label in the examples, but the CSS didn't make clear use of it. This class is required for horizontal forms and has been reflected in the CSS.
  • We've tried our best to improve rendering of buttons and icons across all browsers. Some issues remain; Firefox throws an !importanton line-height for inputs, so that's the big one.
  • We refined the label component style to move away from uppercase.
  • Added the black button option, .btn-inverse.
  • Added a mini button class, .btn-mini.
  • We had to re-add the protocol, http: to the HTML5 schim because IE7-8 wouldn't recognize it, dropping some HTML5 support for those browsers and introducing major performance issues.
  • Resolved some issues with responsive layouts where media queries would overlap at 768px and 980px.
  • Rearranged Scaffolding docs page to split fixed and fluid grid systems.
  • Tons of docs updates for typos and language changes.

For full list of changes, see the now closed v2.0.1 milestone.

v2.0.0 (January 28, 2012)

Complete rewrite of the library. For full details, head to the upgrading doc at


Key bug fixes and changes

  • Updated tables to make no border the default and add options for condensed and bordered versions
  • Updated form states to expand on error styles and provide warning and success variations
  • New javascript plugin for button states
  • Switched to strict mode for Javascript plugins
  • Added more data attribute controls to our plugins
  • Full list of 25+ issues fixed:


New features

  • Javascript plugins for modals, alerts, dropdowns, scrollspy, tabs, tooltips, and popovers that work with jQuery and Ender
  • Massively updated docs for both the main page and for the new javascript plugins
  • Inline labels for marking inline content with key visual flags
  • Media thumbnails
  • Breadcrumbs

Updated docs

  • Added complete javascript page with detailed documentation for how to use plugins
  • Three complete example pages of using Bootstrap, linked from main docs page with thumbnails
  • Added section for compiling Less, for guidelines on how to recompile Bootstrap with Less
  • Added section for customizing grid variables in Less to roll your own grid system
  • Added section for code for using pre and code tags
  • Added section for form field sizes that match grid column sizes

Key bug fixes and changes

  • Updated table styles to be just a tad bit more refined
  • Added new form input sizes based on the Bootstrap grid system (meaning now you can do input.span5 for a 280px-wide input)
  • Removed :focus states from :active links in Firefox
  • Fixed unqualified .clearfix in forms.less that added bottom margin to all containers
  • Updated .container() mixing to be .fixed-container() to prevent conflicts when compiling
  • Added focus states (either box-shadow or outline on :focus) to all buttons, links, and inputs
  • No longer require h3 in topbar, but still support for backwards compatibility


  • Dropdowns refactored to be extensible (now work in ul.tabs)
  • Added HTML5 form support by generalizing the form selectors (e.g., input instead of input[type=text|password])
  • Gradients back in IE, but removed rounded corners in IE9 to prevent background bleed on buttons and alert messages
  • Simplified the grid CSS by removing the static .span1-16 classes in favor of CSS-style regex for column styles in the grid
  • Added .one-third and .two-thirds columns to the grid system
  • Fixed bug in disabled buttons where they received :active styles
  • Bug fixes


  • Redesigned alerts to be more readable
  • Refactored buttons and alerts CSS to be simpler
  • Updated grid system to be more specific and not require .column or columns
  • Improved on specificity of CSS selectors by removing unnecessary tag and parent selectors
  • Miscellaneous updates to docs
  • Bug fixes


  • Added support for IE7 and IE8
  • Added examples directory with first example usage of Bootstrap for a simple website
  • Syntax fixes for gradients and color-stops
  • Miscellaneous updates to docs
  • Bug fixes


  • Initial release