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About the Tests
The following tests are from the original version, updated simply for speed
and rewritten to fit the new framework of the program. These tests will
mainly catch memory errors due to bad bits which are permanently stuck high
or low:
Random value
XOR comparison
SUB comparison
MUL comparison
DIV comparison
OR comparison
AND comparison
The following tests were implemented by me, and will do a slightly better job
of catching flaky bits, which may or may not hold a true value:
Sequential Increment
Block Sequential
Solid Bits
The remaining tests were also implemented by me, and are designed to catch
bad bits which are dependent on the current values of surrounding bits in either
the same word32, or in the preceding and succeeding word32s.
Bit Flip
Walking Ones
Walking Zeroes
Bit Spread
There is also a test (Stuck Address) which is run first. It determines if the
memory locations the program attempts to access are addressed properly or not.
If this test reports errors, there is almost certainly a problem somewhere in
the memory subsystem. Results from the rest of the tests cannot be considered
accurate if this test fails:
Stuck Address
Usage information is summarized in the file README, and in the man page.