My dotfiles and assorted other home directory related configurations.
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_vim.d Add Clang Format shortcuts Apr 8, 2017
_zsh More sbt/conscript/g8 stuff May 11, 2017
dot_bin Add in my Perl Orphan/Duplicates scripts Apr 5, 2017
_Xdefaults Use MATE? Aug 18, 2017
_ackrc Add ACK config file Apr 29, 2011
_bashrc Conscript May 10, 2017
_clang_format Add Clang Format config file Apr 8, 2017
_colortailrc Colortail fixes May 20, 2011
_cshrc More Solaris Fixes Jan 6, 2016
_htoprc Fix htop conf Aug 14, 2014
_jackdrc Conscript May 10, 2017
_perltidyrc make perltidy a hair less annoying Mar 4, 2015
_tmux.conf Remove status-utf8 new version doesn't know it May 6, 2016
_xinitrc ahem this is a MATE family, not i3... Apr 11, 2017


These are my dotfiles. Most are cobbled together from stuff I've found over the years on Google and various websites. I actively use these files and can not live without them. So here they are for the world to see. The following utilities are represented:

-- Activly Used and Updated:
Zsh 5   
Vim 7 
Tmux 1

-- For Legacy Purposes:
Screen 4
Bash 3 & 4

-- Perl Stuff

-- Other Stuff:

Colortail, Urxvt, Mrvxt, makepkg, csh, sh, ack and Xorg tweeks.