Updated version of Blizzard's EditingUI Addon, updated to work on WotLK
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- Updated to work woth WotLK

- Localized strings.

- Made reload keybinding work with the UI open and generalized keybinding key checks with the KeyPressMatchesBinding(keyPress, bindingName) function in UIParent.
- You can now shift click a frame/region with an editbox open to paste that name into editboxes.
- Added the debug section to do debugprints and execute scripts.  Not sure how useful this will be =T

- Added keybinding for reloading the ui.  The binding name is RELOAD_UI.
- Added modifier key support for OPEN_EDITING_FRAME

- Added keybinding support to toggle the frame, the binding name is OPEN_EDITING_FRAME and doesn't support modifier keys right now since my build is throwing weird errors when I try to use them.

The arrow keys move the selected element and adjust it's anchors in the output window.
The optional hotkey toggle the EditingFrame
Double clicking an element will drill down into that element.
Single clicking an element will select that element for editing.
The right mouse button will go back up the Frame tree.

Features (Or lack of features =T):
- The "Copy" buttons will copy the lua or xml directly to the clipboard
- The Up and Down arrows in the header will increase or decrease the number of visible lines in the frame navigation window
- You can type frame names directly into the topright editbox to select them
- Yellow names are frames and gray names are elements like font strings and textures
- Multiple anchor point editing is not currently supported so changing anchors in the text fields will clear out any existing anchors
- For numeric editboxes you can click on the name of the box (e.g. "Width" or "X") and then use the up and down arrow keys to increment them. Hitting ESCAPE or selecting another textbox or frame will deselect an editbox.
- There is tab and shift tab support for cycling through editboxes
- Mousing over the bottom of the EditingFrame will bring up additional modules for the EditingFrame (Currently there is just the calculations module.