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The website for the Rouge project, currently in development.

Getting Started

After you have cloned this repo, run this setup script to set up your machine with the necessary dependencies to run and test this app:

% ./bin/setup

It assumes you have a machine equipped with Ruby, Postgres, etc. If not, set up your machine with this script.

After setting up, you can run the application using foreman:

% foreman start

If you don't have foreman, see Foreman's install instructions. It is purposefully excluded from the project's Gemfile.


Use the following guides for getting things done, programming well, and programming in style.


ActionMailer is removed from this project for the moment because there are no mailers. If it needs to be added back in, refer to the following commits:

  • d750823
  • a07d360

Reversing these commits should put you on the right track.