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add some notes in the README about my shell idiosyncracies

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For more information, see `ry help`.
+## Developing
+All of the magic is in the bash script `bin/ry`. Here are a couple of bash features I use that aren't common elsewhere:
+* Poor man's namespacing - the character `:` is a perfectly valid character to use in a bash function's name. All of ry's subcommands are implemented as functions looking like `ry::foo`. At the bottom of the file is the function `ry` which essentially delegates to `ry::$1` - so to add a new subcommand, all you need to do is define the bash function and document it in `ry::usage`.
+* Piping from heredocs is awesome. The syntax `cmd <<<"$variable"` runs `cmd` with stdin as the content of `$variable`. I use this extensively, and you should too.

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