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minor fixes to ry::install #16

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ruby-build and internal routines share need for -z $url and both can make use of $dir.

when using the internal routines (no ruby-build available) an empty $name was causing "src" to appear in the installed version list...


Neat. That does make it easier to read. Thanks!

@jneen jneen merged commit ef82caf into jneen:master
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Commits on May 16, 2012
  1. @perlguy

    minor fixes to ry::install

    perlguy committed
  2. @perlguy

    fix to the fix...

    perlguy committed
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  1. +4 −4 bin/ry
8 bin/ry
@@ -119,14 +119,14 @@ ry::install() {
# if you've got ruby-build, and you've named one of its recipes,
# use that instead :)
+ [[ -z "$url" ]] && abort "no URL given. usage: ry install <url> <name>"
+ [[ -z "$name" ]] && name="$url"
+ local dir="$RY_LIB/rubies/$name"
if exists? ruby-build \
&& ruby-build --definitions | grep -qx "$url"; then
- [[ -z "$name" ]] && name="$url"
- ruby-build "$url" "$RY_LIB/rubies/$name"
+ ruby-build "$url" "$dir"
- [[ -z "$url" ]] && abort "no URL given. usage: ry install <name> <url>"
- local dir="$RY_LIB/rubies/$name"
local logpath="/tmp/ry.log"
# create build directory
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