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ry exec: default to all installed rubies when none is given #17

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Still enjoying ry here, and it's finally time to make this a pull request.

Basically, it selects all installed rubies when the first argument is not a ruby name.
If you don't like the behavior, I'd be fine with something like ry exec all some_command.

My Bash skills are very recent, so don't hesitate to heavily improve it.


Unfortunately, it did not seem to work with multiple comma separated rubies anymore.
This is due to ${names[0]} returning the whole (now space-separated) $names. Sorry about that.

So I modified and used ${names%%,*} on the unprocessed output and I tested with both bash and zsh.


Can I get some feedback on this?


Maybe a -- should be required between the ry part and the subsequent "some_command" in order ease/ensure parsing?

Also, using all might be better just to be on the safe side. Or am I being cautious over a YAGNI?


I'm thinking to use all, as this might not be very clear indeed.

I think explicit -- is not needed, as it should never be necessary (options like "-v" can easily be parsed in ry exec -v <rubies> cmd).


Sounds good. -- can always be added later if it should ever prove necessary.


I amended the commit with all and documentation.
The implementation is now cleaner.

@eregon eregon merged commit a429973 into jneen:master
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Showing with 7 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +7 −2 bin/ry
9 bin/ry
@@ -258,10 +258,15 @@ ry::fullpath() {
# ry exec <name>[,<name2>[,...]] <command...>
# execute the given command in the context of the given rub{y,ies}
+# use all installed rubies if <name> is "all"
ry::exec() {
local names="$1"; shift
- names="$(tr , "\n" <<<"$names")"
+ if [[ "$names" == "all" ]]; then
+ names="$(ry ls)"
+ else
+ names="$(tr , "\n" <<<"$names")"
+ fi
for name in $names; do
PATH="$(ry fullpath "$name")" "$@"
@@ -316,7 +321,7 @@ ry::usage() {
ry exec <name>[,<name>[,...]] <command...>
Execute <command> in the context of each
- comma-separated ruby.
+ comma-separated ruby (or all installed rubies with "all").
ry binpath <name> Print the bin directory for the given ruby
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