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tnetstrings is a serialization format similar to JSON, but optimized for communication over streams. This is a serialization library for javascript, usable both in the browser and with CommonJS.


The interface to tnetstrings.js is the variable TNETS, which is exposed as a global variable in the browser, and as require('tnetstrings').TNETS in CommonJS. It is API-compatible with the JSON object, as so:

TNETS.stringify('Hello, World!') // => "13:Hello, World!,"
TNETS.parse('13:Hello, World!,') // => "Hello, World!"

In addition, TNETS exposes the method parseChunk, which returns the value and the remaining part of the string.

TNETS.parseChunk('13:Hello, World!,also some other stuff') // ["Hello, World!", "also some other stuff"]