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This is a quick slip release to regenerate the gemspec. Apparently jeweler inserts dependencies twice if you use the gemspec method in your Gemfile and declare gem dependencies in your gemspec.


This just bit me. I just released a gem with the wrong dependencies because I have updated jeweler. This should have been opt-in, otherwise a bunch of people using jeweler are going to release gems with the wrong dependencies because you are automatically importing from the Gemfile.


  • Update the dependency on addressable to get around an issue in v2.2.5. Thanks to Peter Higgins.

  • Add support for matching parameter values using a regular expression as well as a string. Thanks to Oleg M Prozorov.

  • Fix integration with httpclient as the internal API has changed. Thanks to Frank Prößdorf.

  • Ensure Curl::Easy#content_type is always set. Thanks to Peter Higgins.

  • Fix bug with em-http-request adapter stubbing responses that have a chunked transfer encoding. Thanks to Myron Marston.

  • Fix a load of spec failures with Patron, httpclient, and specs that depended on the behaviour of Thanks to Alex Grigorovich.


  • Em-http-request adapter sets last_effective_url property. Thanks to Sam Stokes.

  • Curb adapter supports Curb::Easy#http_post and Curb::Easy#http_put without arguments (by setting post_body or put_data beforehand). Thanks to Eugene Bolshakov


  • Fixed issue with webmock/rspec which didn't load correctly if rspec/core was already required but rspec/expectations not.


  • Simplified integration with Test::Unit, RSpec and Cucumber. Now only a single file has to be required i.e.

              require 'webmock/test_unit'
              require 'webmock/rspec'
              require 'webmock/cucumber'
  • The error message on unstubbed request now contains code snippet which can be used to stub this request. Thanks to Martyn Loughran for suggesting this feature.

  • The expectation failure message now contains a list of made requests. Thanks to Martyn Loughran for suggesting this feature.

  • Added WebMock.print_executed_requests method which can be useful to find out what requests were made until a given point.

  • em-http-request adapter is now activated by replacing EventMachine::HttpRequest constant, instead of monkeypatching the original class.

This technique is borrowed from em-http-request native mocking module. It allows switching WebMock adapter on an off, and using it interchangeably with em-http-request native mocking i.e:


    Thanks to Martyn Loughran for suggesting this feature.
  • WebMock.reset_webmock is deprecated in favour of new WebMock.reset!

  • Fixed integration with Cucumber. Previously documented example didn't work with new versions of Cucumber.

  • Fixed stubbing requests with body declared as a hash. Thanks to Erik Michaels-Ober for reporting the issue.

  • Fixed issue with em-http-request adapter which didn't work when :query option value was passed as a string, not a hash. Thanks to Chee Yeo for reporting the issue.

  • Fixed problem with assert_requested which didn't work if used outside rspec or test/unit

  • Removed dependency on json gem


  • Support for dynamically evaluated raw responses recorded with curl -is

              `curl -is > /tmp/`
              stub_request(:get, "").to_return(lambda { |request|"/tmp/#{}.txt" }))
  • :net_http_connect_on_start option can be passed to WebMock.allow_net_connect! and WebMock.disable_net_connect! methods, i.e.

              WebMock.allow_net_connect!(:net_http_connect_on_start => true)

    This forces WebMock Net::HTTP adapter to always connect on Net::HTTP.start. Check 'Connecting on Net::HTTP.start' in README for more information.

    Thanks to Alastair Brunton for reporting the issue and for fix suggestions.

  • Fixed an issue where Patron spec tried to remove system temporary directory. Thanks to Hans de Graaff

  • WebMock specs now use RSpec 2

  • rake spec NO_CONNECTION=true can now be used to only run WebMock specs which do not make real network connections


  • Curb support!!! Thanks to the awesome work of Pete Higgins!

  • include WebMock is now deprecated to avoid method and constant name conflicts. Please include WebMock::API instead.

  • WebMock::API#request is renamed to WebMock::API#a_request to prevent method name conflicts with i.e. Rails controller specs. WebMock.request is still available.

  • Deprecated WebMock#request, WebMock#allow_net_connect!, WebMock#net_connect_allowed?, WebMock#registered_request?, WebMock#reset_callbacks, WebMock#after_request instance methods. These methods are still available, but only as WebMock class methods.

  • Removed WebMock.response_for_request and WebMock.assertion_failure which were only used internally and were not documented.

  • :allow_localhost => true' now permits in addition to and 'localhost'. Thanks to Myron Marston and Mike Gehard for suggesting this.

  • Fixed issue with both RSpec 1.x and 2.x being available.

    WebMock now tries to use already loaded version of RSpec (1.x or 2.x). Previously it was loading RSpec 2.0 if available, even if RSpec 1.3 was already loaded.

    Thanks to Hans de Graaff for reporting this.

  • Changed runtime dependency on Addressable version 2.2.2 which fixes handling of percent-escaped '+'


  • External requests can be disabled while allowing selected hosts. Thanks to Charles Li and Ryan Bigg

    This feature was available before only for localhost with :allow_localhost => true

              WebMock.disable_net_connect!(:allow => "")
              Net::HTTP.get('', '/')   # ===> Failure
              Net::HTTP.get('', '/')      # ===> Allowed.
  • Fixed Net::HTTP adapter so that it preserves the original behavior of Net::HTTP.

    When making a request with a block that calls #read_body on the request, Net::HTTP causes the body to be set to a Net::ReadAdapter, but WebMock was causing the body to be set to a string.


  • Fixed Net::HTTP adapter to handle cases where a block with read_body call is passed to request. This fixes compatibility with open-uri. Thanks to Mark Evans for reporting the issue.


  • Fixed handling of multiple values for the same response header for Net::HTTP. Thanks to Myron Marston for reporting the issue.


  • Fixed compatibility with EM-HTTP-Request >= 0.2.9. Thanks to Myron Marston for reporting the issue.


  • The less hacky way to get the stream behaviour working for em-http-request. Thanks to Martyn Loughran

  • Fixed issues where Net::HTTP was not accepting valid nil response body. Thanks to Muness Alrubaie


  • Added support for em-http-request

  • Matching query params using a hash

               stub_http_request(:get, "").with(:query => {"a" => ["b", "c"]})
               RestClient.get("[]=b&a[]=c") # ===> Success
               request(:get, "").with(:query => {"a" => ["b", "c"]}).should have_been_made  # ===> Success
  • Matching request body against a hash. Body can be URL-Encoded, JSON or XML.

    (Thanks to Steve Tooke for the idea and a solution for url-encoded bodies)

              stub_http_request(:post, "").
                      with(:body => {:data => {:a => '1', :b => 'five'}})
    '', "data[a]=1&data[b]=five",
              :content_type => 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded')    # ===> Success
    '', '{"data":{"a":"1","b":"five"}}',
              :content_type => 'application/json')    # ===> Success
    '', '<data a="1" b="five" />',
                      :content_type => 'application/xml' )    # ===> Success
              request(:post, "").
      with(:body => {:data => {:a => '1', :b => 'five'}},
       :headers => 'Content-Type' => 'application/json').should have_been_made         # ===> Success
  • Request callbacks (Thanks to Myron Marston for all suggestions)

    WebMock can now invoke callbacks for stubbed or real requests:

              WebMock.after_request do |request_signature, response|
                puts "Request #{request_signature} was made and #{response} was returned"

    invoke callbacks for real requests only and except requests made with Patron client

              WebMock.after_request(:except => [:patron], :real_requests_only => true)  do |request_signature, response|
                puts "Request #{request_signature} was made and #{response} was returned"
  • to_raise() now accepts an exception instance or a string as argument in addition to an exception class

              stub_request(:any, '').to_raise("some error"))
              stub_request(:any, '').to_raise("some error")
  • Matching requests based on a URI is 30% faster

  • Fixed constant namespace issues in HTTPClient adapter. Thanks to Nathaniel Bibler for submitting a patch.


  • Fixed problem where ArgumentError was raised if query params were made up of an array e.g. data[]=a&data[]=b. Thanks to Steve Tooke


  • Changed license from GPL to MIT

  • Fixed gemspec file. Thanks to Razic


  • RSpec 2 compatibility. Thanks to Sam Phillips!

  • :allow_localhost => true' now permits as well as 'localhost'. Thanks to Mack Earnhardt

  • Request URI matching in now 2x faster!


  • VCR compatibility. Many thanks to Myron Marston for all suggestions.

  • Support for stubbing requests and returning responses with multiple headers with the same name. i.e multiple Accept headers.

              stub_http_request(:get, '').
                with(:headers => {'Accept' => ['image/png', 'image/jpeg']}).
                to_return(:body => 'abc')
               {"Accept" => ['image/png', 'image/jpeg']}) # ===> "abc\n"
  • When real net connections are disabled and unstubbed request is made, WebMock throws WebMock::NetConnectNotAllowedError instead of assertion error or StandardError.

  • Added WebMock.version()


  • Added support for Patron

  • Responses dynamically evaluated from block (idea and implementation by Tom Ward)

              stub_request(:any, '').
                   to_return { |request| {:body => request.body} }
    '', 'abc')    # ===> "abc\n"
  • Responses dynamically evaluated from lambda (idea and implementation by Tom Ward)

      stub_request(:any, '').
            to_return(lambda { |request| {:body => request.body} })
'', 'abc')    # ===> "abc\n"
  • Response with custom status message

              stub_request(:any, "").to_return(:status => [500, "Internal Server Error"])
              req ="/")
              Net::HTTP.start("") { |http| http.request(req) }.message # ===> "Internal Server Error"
  • Raising timeout errors (suggested by Jeffrey Jones) (compatibility with Ruby 1.8.6 by Mack Earnhardt)

              stub_request(:any, '').to_timeout
    '', 'abc')    # ===> RestClient::RequestTimeout
  • External requests can be disabled while allowing localhost (idea and implementation by Mack Earnhardt)

              WebMock.disable_net_connect!(:allow_localhost => true)
              Net::HTTP.get('', '/')   # ===> Failure
              Net::HTTP.get('localhost:9887', '/')      # ===> Allowed. Perhaps to Selenium?

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where Net::HTTP adapter didn't work for requests with body responding to read (reported by Tekin Suleyman)
  • Fixed issue where request stub with headers declared as nil was matching requests with non empty headers


  • Fixed issue where response status code was not read from raw (curl -is) responses


  • Matching requests against provided block (by Sergio Gil)

              stub_request(:post, "").with { |request| request.body == "abc" }.to_return(:body => "def")
    '', 'abc')    # ===> "def\n"
              request(:post, "").with { |req| req.body == "abc" }.should have_been_made
              assert_requested(:post, "") { |req| req.body == "abc" }
  • Matching request body against regular expressions (suggested by Ben Pickles)

              stub_request(:post, "").with(:body => /^.*world$/).to_return(:body => "abc")
    '', 'hello world')    # ===> "abc\n"
  • Matching request headers against regular expressions (suggested by Ben Pickles)

              stub_request(:post, "").with(:headers => {"Content-Type" => /image\/.+/}).to_return(:body => "abc")
    '', '', {'Content-Type' => 'image/png'})    # ===> "abc\n"
  • Replaying raw responses recorded with curl -is

              `curl -is > /tmp/example_curl_-is_output.txt`
              raw_response_file ="/tmp/example_curl_-is_output.txt")
      from file
              stub_request(:get, "").to_return(raw_response_file)
      or string
              stub_request(:get, "").to_return(
  • Multiple responses for repeated requests

              stub_request(:get, "").to_return({:body => "abc"}, {:body => "def"})
              Net::HTTP.get('', '/')    # ===> "abc\n"
              Net::HTTP.get('', '/')    # ===> "def\n"
  • Multiple responses using chained to_return() or to_raise() declarations

              stub_request(:get, "").
                      to_return({:body => "abc"}).then.  #then() just is a syntactic sugar
                      to_return({:body => "def"}).then.
              Net::HTTP.get('', '/')    # ===> "abc\n"
              Net::HTTP.get('', '/')    # ===> "def\n"
              Net::HTTP.get('', '/')    # ===> MyException raised
  • Specifying number of times given response should be returned

              stub_request(:get, "").
                      to_return({:body => "abc"}).times(2).then.
                      to_return({:body => "def"})
              Net::HTTP.get('', '/')    # ===> "abc\n"
              Net::HTTP.get('', '/')    # ===> "abc\n"
              Net::HTTP.get('', '/')    # ===> "def\n"
  • Added support for Net::HTTP::Post#body_stream

      This fixes compatibility with new versions of RestClient
  • WebMock doesn't suppress default request headers added by http clients anymore.

      i.e. Net::HTTP adds `'Accept'=>'*/*'` to all requests by default


  • Fixed issue where WebMock was not closing IO object passed as response body after reading it.
  • Ruby 1.9.2 compat: Use File#expand_path for require path because "." is not be included in LOAD_PATH since Ruby 1.9.2


  • Fixed HTTPClient adapter compatibility with Ruby 1.8.6 (reported by Piotr Usewicz)
  • Net:HTTP adapter now handles request body assigned as Net::HTTP::Post#body attribute (fixed by Mack Earnhardt)
  • Fixed issue where requests were not matching stubs with Accept header set.(reported by Piotr Usewicz)
  • Fixed compatibility with Ruby 1.9.1, 1.9.2 and JRuby 1.3.1 (reported by Diego E. “Flameeyes” Pettenò)
  • Fixed issue with response body declared as IO object and multiple requests (reported by Niels Meersschaert)
  • Fixed "undefined method `assertion_failure'" error (reported by Nick Plante)


  • Support for HTTPClient (sync and async requests)
  • Support for dynamic responses. Response body and headers can be now declared as lambda. (Thanks to Ivan Vega ( @ivanyv ) for suggesting this feature)
  • Support for stubbing and expecting requests with empty body
  • Executing non-stubbed request leads to failed expectation instead of error

Bug fixes

  • Basic authentication now works correctly
  • Fixed problem where WebMock didn't call a block with the response when block was provided
  • Fixed problem where uris with single slash were not matching uris without path provided


  • Clarified documentation
  • Fixed some issues with loading of Webmock classes
  • Test::Unit and RSpec adapters have to be required separately


  • Added support for matching escaped and non escaped URLs