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My arch linux setup and beyond

See the repo directoy for how these dotfiles are managed.

To see updates you can watch the Github releases, where I will regularly document the changes that I've done.

Table of Contents

Terminal apps

zsh (shell)

Superior shell, extends bash/posix.

I'm using a stripped down version of oh-my-zsh with a lot of custom aliases.

tmux (terminal mutiplexer)

Multiple shells within the same terminal, screen splitting and much more.

To supports italic fonts, enable the terminal capabilities with:

tic -x .config/tmux/tmux-256color.terminfo

neovim (terminal editor)

Neovim with custom macros, hooks and a few plugins.

git (version control)

mpd + ncmpcpp (music player)

Music player daemon and its client.

remind (calendar)

remind is not a classical calendar application. I've tried calcurse and khal but they were trying to emulate normal GUI calendars too much and were imo just loosing in comparison. remind does it's own thing. It's a powerful DSL (domain specific language) where you define all of your entries in a text file. With this approach you can model some very sophisticated recurring entries like you've never seen before.

# simple stuff:
Oct 01 MSG Change car tires
REM [TRIGGER(easter)] MSG Change car tires

# with colors for birthdays
REM Feb 7 SPECIAL COLOR 205 0 255 BD Francis

# appointments with start and end time (via DURATION in min)
Thu AT 17:30 DURATION 90 SPECIAL COLOR 215 0 0 Rendezvous mit meinem Geld

# more complex stuff:
# taking out the trash every 14 days
# but only show me 3 days in advance
# and hide the entry if it's in the past
REM 2021-05-17 *14 AFTER SATISFY [trigdate() < realtoday()+3 && trigdate() >= realtoday()] SPECIAL COLOR 140 100 40 Plastikmüll rausstellen
REM 2021-05-18 *14 AFTER SATISFY [trigdate() < realtoday()+3 && trigdate() >= realtoday()] SPECIAL COLOR 140 100 40 Restmüll rausstellen
# these will take into account any holidays you have configured
OMIT Oct 3 SPECIAL COLOR 175 175 25 Tag der Deutschen Einheit
# and push back garbage day to the day AFTER

remind calendar view

GUI apps

kitty (terminal)

Fast, easy to configure, batteries included.

mpv (video/audio player)

Everything you'll ever need from a video player.

rofi (application launcher/dmenu)

brave (browser)

Manual Config

Disallow sites to ask if they can send notifications

Looking at you reddit...

Search "Content" -> "Site and Shield Settings" -> "Notifications" -> Toggle

signal (messaging)

Secure messaging.


My preferred way to use Signal.

Notifications use dunst (notification daemon).


Runs on my server under a different phone number to send (cron scheduled) messages to myself.

System apps

sxhkd (hotkey daemon)

The essential hotkey daemon.

i3 (window manager)

Lightweight window manager.

lock screen

i3lock with a custom screenshot script.

Browser Extensions

Theme: I use Arc Dark as I based my terminal colorscheme on it. firefox chrome


name description links
uBlock Origin Best free (as in freedom) adblocker firefox chrome git
Surfing Keys Navigate browser with vim shortcuts firefox chrome git simpler-alternative
Dark Reader Dark mode for all websites firefox chrome git
KeePassXC-Browser KeePass integration for password insert firefox chrome git setup on iridium


name description links
LeechBlock Flexibly block sites firefox chrome website
SponsorBlock for YouTube Skip sponsor/recap/like comment subscribe segments in videos firefox chrome my options
FastForward Skip link shorteners firefox chrome git
I still don't care about cookies Ignore cookie banners firefox chrome git
Libredirect Redirect to libre version of popular website firefox chrome git
Bypass Paywalls Ignore e.g. NYTs free articles limiter git
Easy to RSS List the rss feeds of the current site firefox chrome git
Autofill Automatically fill forms with configured data chrome


name description links
Privacy Badger Stop suspicious trackers firefox chrome git
ClearURLs Remove tracking elements from urls firefox chrome git
LocalCDN Stop tracking through CDNs by redirecting to local resources chrome
Decentraleyes Stop tracking through CDNs firefox chrome git


name description links
Buster Captcha Solver firefox chrome git
Hover Zoom+ Large overlay on image and link to image hover chrome git
Stylus Customize website style firefox chrome git
name description links
Chrome Markdown Preview Elegant GFM preview on .md files chrome git
JSON Formatter Easy to read JSON formatting chrome git
Modify Header Value Set HTTP headers firefox chrome homepage
GitHub related plugins

A comprehensive list of GitHub chrome extensions can be found here.

name description links
Refined GitHub GitHub functional/visual upgrade chrome git
npmhub List npm dependencies in readme chrome git
Octotree GitHub file tree chrome git
Vscode-icons Icons indicating file type chrome git
Lovely Forks Shows notable forks chrome git
npm-stats Display npm download stats in repo chrome git
show-email Display email on profile, even if not provided chrome git
omnibar Shortcut navigation for github chrome git
issue-link-status Colorize issue links depending on status chrome git
build-tabs Build tab for github chrome git
github-autocomplete Github search autocomplete chrome git
github-plus Display repo size, download links chrome git

Android apps

F-Droid is a software repository hosting free and (mostly) open source apps. If available always try to use F-Droid over the google play store. Read more on F-Droid. Most fdroid apps are also on gplay, even if I did not include them here.

If you need the google play store you can use Aurora instead. It's an alternative play store interface, allowing for private downloads and a better UI.

Ordered by importance.

name description links
Signal Privacy friendly messaging, end to end encrypted chat gplay git website
Öffi Public transport planning fdroid
f.lux Bluelight filter (root) gplay website
Vinyl Full featured music player fdroid gplay git
primitive ftpd ftp server fdroid git
OI Shopping List Shopping list fdroid
K-9 Mail Mail fdroid sync-setup
AudioAnchor Audiobook player fdroid
NewPipe SponsorBlock Youtube with adblock capabilities apk git Offline dictionary gplay
M.A.L.P. MPD client fdroid
FBReader Ebook reader fdroid gplay git
DuckDuckGo Browser fdroid
CamScanner Document scanner gplay
OsmAnd Navigation fdroid gplay
KeePass DX Mobile keepass database fdroid
MuPDF PDF viewer fdroid
Markor Markdown editor, notes app fdroid gplay git
Anki Flashcards fdroid gplay git
DAVx⁵ CalDAV sync fdroid website setup explaination
HiPER Calc Superior calculator gplay
Productivity Challenge Timer Optimized pomodoro clock gplay
Micopi+ Generate profile picture for contacts fdroid
DNS66 Mobile hosts file fdroid
Termux Terminal emulator fdroid git
MX Player Video player (better than vlc) gplay
Maybes (not in current use)
name description links
p!n Pin notes as notifications fdroid git
Simple Calendar Calendar fdroid git
My Expenses Expense/income tracker, with exports fdroid gplay git
Time Meter Smooth time tracker, with exports gplay
JuiceSSH Mobile mosh (ssh) client fdroid
Macros Calorie Counter gplay
Relaxio White-noise player gplay
Amaze File manager fdroid git
Alarmio Alarm clock, timer fdroid git
StreetComplete Simplified OSM contribution fdroid
Dicer Roll dices fdroid
Tape Measure Measure distances in an image fdroid
Voice Audiobook player (more formats than audiopo, but inferior interface) fdroid
Scrambled Exif Remove metadata from images before sharing them fdroid
MPDroid Alternative MPD client fdroid
Bluelight Filter Filters the bluelight, easier on the eyes, set filter based on time gplay
Vespucci OSM Editor fdroid


My OSX install is no longer maintained, but you can still explore the files here.