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# List of packages, grouped by categories
# What commands to run:
# no prefix - yay -S
# npm - npm install -g
# systemd - systemctl enable
# pip3 - sudo pip3 install
# Todo: cleanup, comment broader categories
dunst Notification daemon
arc-icon-theme Icon theme
networkmanager NetworkManger
dash Fast shell
sxhkd Hotkey assignment
lemonbar-xft-git Customizable bar
perl-anyevent-i3 i3 eventlistener library
beets Automatic music tagger
python-beautifulsoup4 beets lyrics plugin dependency
python-requests beets fetchart/lyrics plugin dependency
imagemagick beets embedArt plugin dependency
ack hhlighlighter dependency
jq JSON processor
rofi Prompt (dmenu alternative)
networkmanager-dmenu-git Control NetworkManager through rofi
conky Desktop widgets
xclip X clipboard interface
clipit Clipboard interface
conky Desktop widgets
keepassxc Password database
kitty-git Terminal emulator
tmux Terminal muliplexer (multiple shells inside the same terminal window)
tmate Share tmux sessions
gimp Photo editing
zeal Programming language/tool offline documentation
vlc Video player
mpv Minimal player
task-spooler Queue commands for linear execution
## viewer/reader
fbreader epub reader
git+ epub reader
zathura Reader
zathura-pdf-mupdf Pdf plugin
sxiv Minimal image viewer
gwenview Extensive image viewer
newsboat RSS feed reader
w3m Terminal browser
#yacreader-nopdf Comicbook reader
libunarr Dependency
poppler-qt5 Dependency
## browsers
firefox-nightly Experimental firefox
firefox-developer-edition Developer edition of firefox
ungoogled-chromium Free version of chromium
chromium-widevine Chromium module required for netflix
surf Minimal browser
## utils
polybar Status bar
## misc
bleachbit System cleaner
gcolor2 Color picker
# tui
cmus Music player
htop Process manager
mosh Better ssh
taskell-bin Kanban board
calcurse Calendar and todos
transmission-cli Torrent daemon
transmission-remote-cli-git Transmission client
rclone Sync local and remote directories
rsync Sync local and remote directories
youtube-dl Youtube downloader
## file managers
ranger File manager
# vimfm
# cli
## apps
#nodejs-webtorrent-cli Streaming torrent client
## text
figlet Print text as big ascii letters
figlet-fonts More figlet fonts
neofetch Print system info
## util
#fd Better find
scrot Screenshot utility
#pjson Pretty print json
zsh-syntax-highlighting Highlight whever the typed command exists
entr Run command if something changes
exa Better ls
bat Better cat
npm:fx JSON explorer
renameutils qmv mass rename util
vim The text editor
nvim The newer text editor
fzf Fuzzy finder
# par
## service clients
ffsend-bin Firefox send client
megacmd-bin client
mullvad-vpn Mullvad client
systemd:mullvad-daemon Enable the mullvad daemon
# system
## xorg tools
xorg-server X server
xorg-xinit X init system
xorg-xset Set keyboard repeat for X
xorg-xmodmap Modify keyboard mappings
xorg-setxkbmap Modify keyboard mappings
xclip X clipboard interface
xorg-xprop Print properties of X windows
xorg-xev Print X events
xorg-xinput Configure X input devices
xorg-xrandr Control display outputs
arandr Control display outputs (GUI)
xautolock X display lock system
oblogout-blurlock Display lock
xflux Flux bluelight filter for X
sxhkd Set hotkey mappings
## xorg drivers
xf86-input-libinput Generic X drivers
xf86-video-intel Drivers for intel chips
# xf86-input-synaptics
# xf86-video-fbdev
# xf86-video-vesa
#python-pip Python package manager
## building/c
gcc C/C++ compiler
## themes
arc-gtk-theme GTK theme
arc-icon-theme Icon theme for dunst
kvantum-qt5 QT themes
## fonts
ttf-joypixels Emoji font
## util
bluez-utils bluetoothctl utility
## power management
# See:
tlp Power management
systemd:tlp Enable power management
systemd:tlp-sleep Enable sleep power management
ethtool Disable wake on lan
## compression
zip Zip files
unzip Unzip files
rar Rar and unrar files
# development
## docker
docker Docker daemon
docker-compose Docker simplification
## files
mongodb MongoDB database
ngrok Open localhost to the outside
alsa-utils Alsa utilities
pulseaudio Pulseaudio server
pulseaudio-alsa Alsa integration
pulseaudio-bluetooth Bluetooth integration
pulsemixer Pulseaudio mixer
ncpamixer-git Alternative pulseaudio mixer
# npm
nodejs Javascript runtime
npm Node.js package manager
yarn npm alternative
npm:dict-cc-cli Offline
# run dict css setup script
npm:mangareader-dl Manga downloader
npm:fkill-cli Process killer
python-grip Reader markdown file with github styles
npm:np npm release helper
npm:yo Scaffolding tool
npm:generator-jneidel Personal yo generator
npm:typescript Typescript compiler
npm:webpack Javscript build tool
npm:webpack-cli Webpack interface
npm:concurrently Run scripts in parallel
npm:nodemon Restart node command on changes
npm:browser-sync Reload browser on changes
npm:markdown-toc Create a md toc
npm:doctoc Create a md toc
npm:updates npm update manager
npm:jest Test runner
npm:eslint@5 Javascript linter
npm:eslint_d Eslint script for vim
npm:prettier Code formatter
npm:typescript Typescript compiler
npm:eslint-config-xo xo eslint config
npm:eslint-config-xo-typescript Typescript eslint config
npm:eslint-plugin-node Eslint node ruleset
npm:eslint-plugin-unicorn Eslint unicorn ruleset
npm:@typescript-eslint/parser Typescript eslint parser
npm:@typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin Typescript eslint rules
## music
kid3 Visual (mp3) tag editor
nemo File manager for dragging images over
mutagen-tools Cli tagging tools
## wine
wine Run windows applications
wine-mono wine dependency
texlive-core Core stuff
biber Bibliography adon
vim-live-latex-preview Vim plugin
mupdf Pdf viewer for vim-live-latex-preview
bind-tools Network debugging
wireshark-qt Network sniffer
traceroute Trace router hops
jdk-openjdk Java environment
signal-desktop-bin Desktop version
signal-cli CLI version
fcron Cron implementation
xournalpp PDF editing
factorio-experimental Factorio
khal Calendar cli
vdirsyncer CalDAV sync
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