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Julia implementation of polar encoding and decoding (examples)
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This repository contains examples demonstrating the use of Polar.jl, a Julia implementation of various aspects of polar codes.

This repository is intended for Julia v1.0 and above.


The code is provided as is, without any warranties or guarantees (neither implicit nor explicit). Use at your own risk!

Known Issues

  • This repository adequately declares its dependency on IJulia.jl. Nonetheless, due to ''surprising behavior'' of IJulia, IJulia needs to be installed not only in the project-local environment, but also in the version-global environment. Furthermore, it does not suffice to activate the project-local environment first and then start IJulia notebooks from within it, but instead IJulia needs to be started first (from the version-global environment), before activating the project-local environment from within the notebooks. For more details on Julia environments, see the Julia documentation, and on IJulia's ''surprising behavior'', see the respective issue.


julia -e 'using IJulia; notebook(dir=".")'


Please cite the use of any material in this repository as:

  • J. Neu, ''Polar.jl: Julia implementation of polar coding'', URL:
      author = {Neu, Joachim},
      title = {{Polar.jl}: {Julia} implementation of polar coding},
      howpublished = {\url{}},
      year = 2019,
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