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"What's new?" and "What has changed?" are common user questions when a new version of a SKOS vocabulary is published.

This project tries to take advantage of the regular structure of SKOS files to make these questions answerable for both non-geeky humans and machines. To this end, an ontology/application profile, a set of processing practices and supporting code are developed.

The use cases to be covered are discussed in List of Use Cases, the List of Change Categories and in the issue queue.

Versions and Deltas as Named Graphs are introduced as an approach to provide the infrastructure to these ends. SPARQL queries can be applied to an example version store created according to this approach, and can be modified for own explorations. A tutorial describes how to apply this approach to arbitrary SKOS vocabularies, using the code provided here.

The skos-history ontology is meant to be used in combination with the dataset versioning ontology - both being work in progress.

See also the Ontologies, Thesauri, Vocabularies and the Resources sections.


Contributions are very much appreciated - be it in the form of suggestions or bug reports in the issue queue, or as patches or pull requests for improved or additional queries or script code. This in particular includes extensions to cover the specifics of not yet well-supported SKOS vocabularies.


Ontology, processing practices and supporting code for change tracking of SKOS vocabularies



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