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Queries for the Jornal of Economics Literature Classification System (JEL)

These are not special queries for JEL, but links to queries existing elsewhere, provided here for convenience.

Added and deleted concepts

Query Description
added_concepts added_concepts (latest version)
deleted_concepts deleted_concepts (latest version)
added_concepts (aggregated) All added concepts (from 2008-10 on)
deleted_concepts (aggregated) All deleted concepts (from 2008-10 on)

Technical background information

NOTE: The original JEL download files do not come with version identifiers. The Linked Data downloads on http://zbw.eu/beta/external_identifiers/jel/ carry version dates and identifiers, which reflect to (rather arbitrary) time of the download. Because the files were extracted from language-specific RDFa pages, some of the version strings carry language tags and must be referenced as, e.g., "2012-09"@en.

Query Description
dummy dummy
graph_overview_simple graph_overview_simple
version_overview version_overview