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Wrap AirFoil's Applescript interface with a JSON API.
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Airfoil API

Wrap Airfoil's Applescript interface with a JSON API.


$ curl http://localhost:8080/speakers
[{"connected":"false","volume":0.75,"name":"Computer","id":"com.rogueamoeba.airfoil.LocalSpeaker"},{"connected":"false","volume":0.9375,"name":"stream","id":"685B35A4C6BC@stream"},{"connected":"true","volume":0.5,"name":"loft-bathroom","id":"F0D1A90B2769@loft-bathroom"},{"connected":"false","volume":0.75,"name":"magnavox","id":"F0D1A9083B63@magnavox"},{"connected":"false","volume":0.49470898509,"name":"Bedroom ","id":"68D93C804DEA@Bedroom "},{"connected":"false","volume":0.679894208908,"name":"loft","id":"B034953D7649@loft"}]
$ curl -X POST http://localhost:8080/speakers/F0D1A90B2769@loft-bathroom/connect
$ curl -X POST http://localhost:8080/speakers/F0D1A90B2769@loft-bathroom/disconnect
$ curl -X POST --data '0.75' http://localhost:8080/speakers/F0D1A90B2769@loft-bathroom/volume
$ curl -X POST --data '0.76' http://localhost:8080/speakers/F0D1A90B2769@loft-bathroom/volume



Running It


airfoil-api will run on port 8080 by default. Use the PORT environment variable to use your own port.


airfoil-api has support for Forever. It uses launchd on OS X to kick it off so that it starts on boot.


You can simply run it by calling script/server. This will run it in development mode with logging to standard out.

Install as Service on OS X



  • fork
  • create a feature branch
  • open a Pull Request
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