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A Cucumber Output Formatter that generates JSON.

Feature: JSON formatter
  As a developer
  I want to receive reports of failing cucumber features in a parsable format
  In order to facilitace elegant continuous integration
  In order to protect revenue


gem install cucumber-json


In your project:

cucumber --format Cucumber::Formatter::JSON

Or, to output to a file:

cucumber --format Cucumber::Formatter::JSON --out path/to/filename


The JSON generated is a hash that has 3 keys:

  • failing_features
    • an array of all failing features, in a format similar to the default cucumber format
  • features
    • an array of all features, in a format similar to the default cucumber format
  • status_counts
    • a hash of statuses, and the number of steps with that status

Additional information could be added to this hash in the future; this is just what I needed at the moment.


The output of this project's cucumber features have been run through the Cucumber::Formatter::JSON formatter and included at examples/features.json. This was generated like so:

cucumber -f Cucumber::Formatter::JSON --out examples/features.json


Jesse Newland


MIT, same license as Ruby. See LICENSE for more details