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@@ -16,13 +16,14 @@ As Bradley Taylor [put it](
- 0. `gem sources -a`
- 1. `gem install auxesis-cucumber-nagios`
- 2. `cucumber-nagios-gen project bunch-o-tests`
- 3. `cd bunch-o-tests`
- 4. `rake deps`
- 5. `bin/cucumber-nagios-gen feature bidding`
- 6. `bin/cucumber-nagios features/`
+ 0. `gem install gemcutter`
+ 1. `gem tumble`
+ 2. `gem install cucumber-nagios`
+ 3. `cucumber-nagios-gen project bunch-o-tests`
+ 4. `cd bunch-o-tests`
+ 5. `gem bundle`
+ 6. `bin/cucumber-nagios-gen feature bidding`
+ 7. `bin/cucumber-nagios features/`
Setting up a project
@@ -38,26 +39,37 @@ Check the `README` within this directory for specific instructions for managing
the project.
+Bundling dependencies
-** This is really manky at the moment. cucumber-nagios will be switching to
-wycats' bundler at the next major release! **
+Bundling cucumber-nagios's dependencies allows you to drop your cucumber-nagios
+project to any machine and have it run. This can be useful if you want to
+develop your tests on one machine, and deploy them to another (like a production
+Nagios server).
-Freezing your dependencies into your project allows you to drop your
-`cucumber-nagios` project to any machine and have it run. Its only requirement is
-Ruby and Rake.
+You'll need to bundle your dependencies to use cucumber-nagios.
-To freeze your project, within your project directory run:
+First you need to make sure the following dependencies are installed:
- $ rake deps
+ - RubyGems
+ - bundler gem (automatically pulled in by the cucumber-nagios gem)
+To bundle your dependencies, within your project directory run:
-Once you've copied your project around, Just run the freezer again:
+ $ gem bundle
+Deploying to production
+Once you've copied your project around, just run the bundler again:
+ $ gem bundle
+You'll need to have RubyGems and the bundler gem installed on the system
+you're deploying too. I know, this is not optimal, but hopefully the bundler
+gem will handle this better in the future.
- $ rake deps
Writing features
@@ -79,8 +91,9 @@ As for writing features, you'll want to have a read of the
your tests will look something like this:
- It should be up
- And I should be able to search for things
+ To broaden their knowledge
+ A user should be able
+ To search for things
Scenario: Searching for things
Given I visit ""
@@ -117,9 +130,7 @@ selectors.
I suggest you use `bin/cucumber` directly so you can get better feedback when
writing your tests:
- bin/cucumber --require bin/common.rb \
- --require features/
- features/smh/smh.feature
+ bin/cucumber --require features/ features/smh/smh.feature
This will output using the default 'pretty' formatter.
@@ -222,3 +233,5 @@ To get up and running with bzr:
$ bzr commit -m 'created cucumber-nagios project'
`.bzrignore` and `.gitignores` are created when you generate a project.

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