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Ruby wrapper for Yahoo!'s FireEagle
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Signed-off-by: Jesse Newland <>
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FireEagle[] (FE) is a system providing centralized
management of user location information. FE allows 3rd party developers to
pdate and/or access user's location data.

== Installation

 gem install fireeagle
== Usage

  >> require 'fireeagle'
  >> client =
    :consumer_key        => "<consumer key>",
    :consumer_secret     => "<consumer secret>",
    :access_token        => "[access token]",
    :access_token_secret => "[access token secret]")

==== With a User-specific OAuth Access Token

  # update your location
  >> client.update(:q => "punta del diablo, uruguay") # I wish
  # query your location
  >> user = client.user
  => #<FireEagle::User:0x1ca5e08 ... >
  >> user.locations
  => [#<FireEagle::Location:0x1cdd9e8 ...>, #<FireEagle::Location:0x1cc8ffc ...>, ... ]
  >> user.best_guess
  => #<FireEagle::Location:0x1cdd9e8 ...>
  => "Punta del Diablo, Uruguay"
  # lookup a location
  >> locations = client.lookup(:q => "30022")
  => [#<FireEagle::Location:0x1cdd9e8 ...>, #<FireEagle::Location:0x1cc8ffc ...>, ...]
  >> => "Alpharetta, GA 30022"
  >> locations.first.place_id => "IrhZMHuYA5s1fFi4Qw"

== Authorization

Authorization is handled by OAuth. For more details about the OAuth
authorization flow and how it differs based on your application type, please

== Contributing You know what to do.

Rubyforge Project Page::
Author::    Jesse Newland ( ([])
Copyright:: Copyright (c) 2008 Jesse Newland. Portions[] Copyright (c) 2008 Yahoo!
License::   Distributed under the same terms as Ruby
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