a Rails plugin that easily integrates your app with Fire Eagle
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Ride The FireEagle

This is a Rails plugin that easily integrates your app with Fire Eagle

For now, it only covers the ActiveRecord side of things. Full support for handling the entire authentication flow coming soon.


  1. gem install fireeagle
  2. ./script/generate ride_the_fireeagle User
  3. rake db:migrate
  4. mate config/fireeagle.yml, add your FireEagle application info
  5. Add ride_the_fireeagle to /app/models/user.rb


Once that’s all done, your instances of User have some fun new methods:

>> @user = User.create(:login => 'alice')
>> @user.authorized_with_fireeagle?
=> false

So, this user hasn’t linked their account to Fire Eagle yet. Send them to an action that does the following:

  def activate_fireeagle
    @user = User.find(params[:id])
    redirect_to @user.fireeagle_authorization_url

Now you wait for the user to authorize. When they authorize, Fire Eagle will invoke your application callback URL with the request token appended as parameters.

  def fireeagle_callback
    @user = User.find_by_fireeagle_request_token(params[:oauth_token])

Now that user is authorized with Fire Eagle!

>> @user = User.find_by_login('alice')
>> @user.authorized_with_fireeagle?
=> true

You can now update and query that user’s location, assuming the User gave you those permissions when authorizing.

>> @user = User.find_by_login('alice')
>> @user.update_location(:q => "Atlanta, GA")
>> @user.location.name
=> "Atlanta, GA"

More information about the acceptable parameters for updating a User’s location is available in the RDoc for FireEagle::Client#update

More information about ‘location’ response is available in the RDoc for FireEagle::Location. The ‘best guess’ location is currently automatically selected and returned. We’d really appreciate it if you didn’t call FireEagle to get a user’s location on every page load – please cache locations for an appropriate length of time

Oh, and you get some pretty rad class-level finders too:

>> User.find_fireeagle_recent(:conditions => { :time => 'now' }, :limit => 10, :offset => 0)

The call above returns a list of users of the application who have updated their location within the given amount of time. The time condition is flexible, supported forms are ‘now’, ‘yesterday’, ‘12:00’, ‘13:00’, ‘1:00pm’ and ‘2008-03-12 12:34:56’. (default: ‘now’)

>> User.find_fireeagle_within(:conditions => { :woe => "12796255" }, :limit => 10, :offset => 0)

The call above takes a Place ID or a WoE ID and returns a list of users using your application who are within the bounding box of that location. Not for the faint of heart, this method is experimental and may not be stable.

The arrays of Users returned by both of the class level finders have their most recent location information cached fresh from Fire Eagle.


Jesse Newland