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-h2. What is this?
+h1. sinatra-rubygems
-An *almost* complete reimplementation of the @gem server@ command as a "Rack": application. Mostly, I need a properly mocked gem environment to test gemspec delivery.
+An complete reimplementation of the @gem server@ command as a "Sinatra": application.
-h2. Uh, Why?
+h3. Uh, Why?
-I really just wanted a RubyGems server running under Passenger instead of webrick. Makes sense.
+* Host your own gem server using Apache + Passenger, not Webrick
+* Drop this project into "PassengerPane": for instant offline access to RDoc Documentation for all installed Rubygems.
+h2. Setup
+# @git clone git://
+# @open .@
+# Drag the @sinatra-rubygems@ folder into "PassengerPane": Setup a "gems.local":http://gems.local/ alias for maximum convenience.
+If you're not using PassengerPane, use the following vhost config:
+ <pre>
+ <VirtualHost *:80>
+ ServerName gems.local
+ #ServerAlias custom.gem.server.fqdn
+ DocumentRoot "/path/to/sinatra-rubygems/public"
+ RackEnv production
+ <directory "/path/to/src/sinatra-rubygems/public">
+ Order allow,deny
+ Allow from all
+ </directory>
+ </VirtualHost>
+ </pre>
+If you'd like to run this as a rack app, you can run @rackup in the root of this project, then see the server at "http://localhost:9292":http://localhost:9292.
h2. License
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