Resources for a talk about streaming data analysis in Python
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Big data in little laptop.ipynb


Notes from a talk about streaming programming patterns

IPython notebook from EuroSciPy 2015

'Big data in little laptop.ipynb' contains the IPython notebook used.

Download the Drosophila genome file from here, unzip it, and place it in the data directory.

You also need to download and python install IPython Memory Usage from here.

Then, if you use Anaconda and Python 3.4, it should just work!

(Given at Melbourne Python Users Group meeting 2015-05-04)

notes.markdown is the (enhanced post-talk) script I was following. You should be able to run it using notedown.

Use conda to recreate the environment I used for the demo. You can use the conda env command with the environment descriptor environment.yml file. is the log of the IPython session I did during the talk, warts and all. contains some helper functions for the genome assembly example, which I didn't get to in the talk but is in the notes.

iris.csv and sample.fasta are the sample datasets used in various parts of the notebook.