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Add MiniTest::Spec section in README.

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@@ -169,6 +169,17 @@ Test::Unit does not support selecting the driver through test metadata, but you
can switch the driver for specific classes using the <tt>setup</tt> and
<tt>teardown</tt> methods. See the section "Selecting the Driver".
+== Using Capybara with MiniTest::Spec
+Include Capybara::DSL like in Test::Unit. Be sure to include it in the proper class,
+which could be something other than ActionDispatch::IntegrationTest.
+The capybara_minitest_spec gem ({Github}[],
+{}[]) provides MiniTest::Spec
+expectations for Capybara. For example:
+ page.must_have_content('Important!')
== Using Capybara with Ruby on Rails
If you are using the Rails framework, add this line to automatically configure
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