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Advertise page.html in the Debugging section, not in the Querying sec…


As suggested by @jnicklas and @gaizka in #597.
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@@ -394,14 +394,6 @@ page.should have_css('table')
page.should have_text('foo')
-If all else fails, you can also use the
-method to test against the raw HTML:
-page.html.should match /<span>.../i
### Finding
_Full reference: [Capybara::Node::Finders](
@@ -487,6 +479,16 @@ look at it:
+You can also retrieve the current state of the DOM as a string using
+print page.html
+This is mostly useful for debugging. You should avoid testing against the
+contents of `page.html` and use the more expressive finder methods instead.
## Transactions and database setup
Some Capybara drivers need to run against an actual HTTP server. Capybara takes

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