Make process method safer by coercing path into a string #1299

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Currently the process method in Capybara::RackTest::Browser takes an argument called path and assumes it is a string as it treats it as such by using it as an argument to URI.parse and sending it methods like start_with?.

This patch coerces the path argument with to_s.

@twalpole I thought this a more appropriate near term fix for my desired long term fix by tackling the issue at the driver level.


Hmm, well both the original commit and the second commit pass on rbx locally "sometimes". It seems overall rbx just isn't stable. Neither change should cause it to crash. I can just close and revoke this pull request as I don't know what can be done to not make rbx crash.


Accepted PR #1357 - covers the same issue

@twalpole twalpole closed this Jul 15, 2014
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