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I don't see how this would serve a purpose to most
people other than being kinda neat.
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-### Calling steps manually
-This is a more esoteric feature of Turnip, of use mostly to people who want to
-do crazy stuff. You can use `send` to call any Turnip step, no matter where it
-is defined or included. Additionally, the `Turnip::Execute` module has a method
-called `step`, this method executes a step, given a string as it might appear
-in a feature file. This is the same `step` method you used above to call steps
-from within other steps.
-For example:
-``` ruby
-class Monster
- include Turnip::Execute
- step("sing a song") { "Arrrghghggh" }
- step("eat :count villager(s)") { }
-monster =
-monster.step("sing a song")
-monster.step("eat 1 villager")
-monster.step("eat 5 villagers")
-monster.send("eat :count villager(s)", 5)
-Note that in this case `step` from `Turnip::Execute` is an *instance* method,
-whereas `step` used to define the step is a *class* method, they are *not* the
-same method.
## Custom step placeholders
Do you want to be more specific in what to match in your step placeholders? Do

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