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DCarper commented Oct 2, 2012

It's really helpful for me to see the steps of a given scenario on separate lines, as opposed to joined on a '->'. It's also more readable to me when the givens, thens, and whens are not excluded.

If I remember correctly, this is how output used to be displayed.

I'm interested in either submitting a pull request, perhaps with configurable output formatting if there are lots of strong believers in the current formatting, or creating a tiny little helper gem that would probably be used by no one on this planet except myself ;)


leshill commented Oct 2, 2012


jnicklas commented Oct 2, 2012

You're remembering it wrong ;) The steps used to be not displayed at all, only the scenario name. If you can make it work, please, I'd love this, though I suspect that it'd be quite difficult.

quamen commented Oct 6, 2012

👍 I would love to see some options on formatting the output. When running rspec with --profile enabled the output is a wall of noise.

quamen commented Oct 6, 2012

After having a quick play around with this, I think I prefer to see just the scenario description, and none of the steps.


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