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fix pending substep's message #89

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sergey kuchmistov Jonas Nicklas
sergey kuchmistov

I see when unimplemented step called from other step definition, it shows wrong step in pending message.

I've just add puts @result to

Step-calling steps when the called step is not visible an invisible step call  #<= dup
# No such step: 'an invisible step call'  #<= dup
# ./examples/step_calling.feature:68

This step exists thus we need something like this:

Step-calling steps when the called step is not visible an invisible step call
# No such step: 'this is an unimplemented step'
# ./examples/step_calling.feature:68

step definition:

Jonas Nicklas

Seems like this has already been fixed. It seems that the file and line number is still wrong, but this PR didn't fix this either. I looked into if this was fixable, but it would be pretty tricky I think.

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Jan 09, 2013
sergey kuchmistov caulfield fix pending substep's message 42a5f0a
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Showing 2 changed files with 7 additions and 2 deletions. Show diff stats Hide diff stats

  1. +2 2 lib/turnip/rspec.rb
  2. +5 0 spec/integration_spec.rb
4 lib/turnip/rspec.rb
@@ -42,8 +42,8 @@ module Execute
42 42 def run_step(feature_file, step)
43 43 begin
44 44 step(step)
45   - rescue Turnip::Pending
46   - pending("No such step: '#{step}'")
  45 + rescue Turnip::Pending => e
  46 + pending("No such step: '#{e.message}'")
47 47 rescue StandardError => e
48 48 e.backtrace.push "#{feature_file}:#{step.line}:in `#{step.description}'"
49 49 raise e
5 spec/integration_spec.rb
@@ -17,4 +17,9 @@
17 17 it "includes features in backtraces" do
18 18 @result.should include('examples/errors.feature:5:in `raise error')
19 19 end
  20 +
  21 + it "includes pending substep description" do
  22 + @result.should include("No such step: 'this is an unimplemented step'")
  23 + @result.should_not include("No such step: 'an invisible step call'")
  24 + end
20 25 end

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