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plist files to highlight syntax for the D Programming Language in CodeRunner
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--- CodeRunner V 1.3 ---

Navigate to the package contents of CodeRunner and replace the Syntax.plist file:
/Applications/ => replace this file with my GitHub version

Now navigate to the Syntax folder and add the dlang.plist file:
/Applications/ => dlang.plist

Launch CodeRunner and open up the preferences dialog then select the languages tab then follow these steps:
1) Add a new language by selecting the '+' button at the bottom of the list  
2) Type 'D' or 'D Lang' in the new field then hit enter
3) Go over to the 'Run Command:' input box and type the following: 
  * rdmd $filename
  or if you really want to be verbose:
  * dmd -release -O -run $filename
4) Select UTF-8 from the I/O Encoding combo box (if it aint already selected)
5) [optional] go to the 'Code template' input box and enter the following:
import std.stdio;
void main() {
	writeln("Hello World");
	// start creating shit

6) Select 'D Programming Language' from the Syntax Mode combo box
7) type 'd' in the file extension input box

*These steps maybe obsolete if new versions of CodeRunner come out, will try to keep up-to-date
*If you Command-Tab a few new documents they will automatically be titled "Untitled 2.d" (etc...) and the compiler will throw an error.  The reason is that your script is actually a d 'module' and modules require valid names. Names with spaces are not valid... so beware!

-- BUG --
nested { for Token strings break highlighting. 
writeln(q{ foo(q{hello}); }); // will stop highlight at first }
These are dumb plists files so there will probably never be a fix.
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