A jQuery plugin for replacing <select> elements.
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jQuery selectBox: A styleable replacement for SELECT elements

Copyright 2011 Cory LaViska for A Beautiful Site, LLC. (http://abeautifulsite.net/)

Dual licensed under the MIT / GPLv2 licenses




  • Supports OPTGROUPS
  • Supports standard dropdown controls
  • Supports multi-select controls (i.e. multiple="multiple")
  • Supports inline controls (i.e. size="5")
  • Fully accessible via keyboard
  • Shift + click (or shift + enter) to select a range of options in multi-select controls
  • Type to search when the control has focus
  • Auto-height based on the size attribute (to use, omit the height property in your CSS!)
  • Tested in IE7-IE9, Firefox 3-4, recent WebKit browsers, and Opera


Link to the JS file:

<script src="jquery.selectbox.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Add the CSS file (or append contents to your own stylesheet):

<link href="jquery.selectbox.min.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

To create:



To specify settings, use this syntax:

$("SELECT").selectBox('settings', { settingName: value, ... });

Available settings

  • menuTransition [default,slide,fade] - the show/hide transition for dropdown menus
  • menuSpeed [slow,normal,fast] - the show/hide transition speed
  • loopOptions [boolean] - flag to allow arrow keys to loop through options


To call a method use this syntax:

$("SELECT").selectBox('methodName', [options]);

Available methods

  • create - Creates the control (default)
  • destroy - Destroys the selectBox control and reverts back to the original form control
  • disable - Disables the control (i.e. disabled="disabled")
  • enable - Enables the control
  • value - if passed with a value, sets the control to that value; otherwise returns the current value
  • options - if passed either a string of HTML or a JSON object, replaces the existing options; otherwise returns the options container element as a jQuery object
  • control - returns the selectBox control element (an anchor tag) for working with directly
  • refresh - updates the selectBox control's options based on the original controls options


Events are fired on the original select element. You can bind events like this:

$("SELECT").selectBox().change( function() { alert( $(this).val() ); } );

Available events

  • focus - Fired when the control gains focus
  • blur - Fired when the control loses focus
  • change - Fired when the value of a control changes
  • beforeopen - Fired before a dropdown menu opens (cancelable)
  • open - Fired after a dropdown menu opens (not cancelable)
  • beforeclose - Fired before a dropdown menu closes (cancelable)
  • close - Fired after a dropdown menu closes (not cancelable)

Known Issues

  • The blur and focus callbacks are not very reliable in IE7. The change callback works fine.