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typedef struct {
float x;
float y;
} mtPoint;
typedef struct {
mtPoint position;
mtPoint velocity;
} mtVector;
typedef struct {
int frame; // the current frame
double timestamp; // event timestamp
int identifier; // identifier guaranteed unique for life of touch per device
int state; //the current state (not sure what the values mean)
int unknown1; //no idea what this does
int unknown2; //no idea what this does either
mtVector normalized; //the normalized position and vector of the touch (0,0 to 1,1)
float size; //the size of the touch (the area of your finger being tracked)
int unknown3; //no idea what this does
float angle; //the angle of the touch -|
float majorAxis; //the major axis of the touch -|-- an ellipsoid. you can track the angle of each finger!
float minorAxis; //the minor axis of the touch -|
mtVector unknown4; //not sure what this is for
int unknown5[2]; //no clue
float unknown6; //no clue
} mtTouch;
typedef void *MTDeviceRef; //a reference pointer for the multitouch device
typedef int (*MTContactCallbackFunction)(int,mtTouch*,int,double,int); //the prototype for the callback function
MTDeviceRef MTDeviceCreateDefault(); //returns a pointer to the default device (the trackpad)
CFMutableArrayRef MTDeviceCreateList(void); //returns a CFMutableArrayRef array of all multitouch devices
void* MTRegisterContactFrameCallback(MTDeviceRef, MTContactCallbackFunction); //registers a device's frame callback to your callback function
void MTDeviceStart(MTDeviceRef, int); //start sending events