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CoffeeScript browserify transform. Mix and match .coffee and .js files in the same project.


Given some files written in a mix of js and coffee:

console.log require './bar.js'


module.exports = require('./')(5)

module.exports = (n) -> n ** n

Install coffeeify into your app:

$ npm install coffeeify

When you compile your app, just pass -t coffeeify to browserify:

$ browserify -t coffeeify > bundle.js
$ node bundle.js

You can omit the .coffee extension from your requires if you add the extension to browserify's module extensions:

module.exports = require('./baz')(5)
$ browserify -t coffeeify --extension=".coffee" > bundle.js
$ node bundle.js

You can also pass options to the CoffeeScript compiler:

$ browserify -t [ coffeeify --bare false --header true ] --extension=".coffee"
// Generated by CoffeeScript 1.10.0
(function() {



Name Default Description
sourceMap null Generate source maps, deteremined from browserify's --debug option if not set.
bare true Omit the (function(){ .. }).call(this); wrapper.
header false Include the // Generated by CoffeeScript <version> header in every file processed.

When using browserify programatically options can be passed as an object, example:

browserify = require 'browserify'
coffeeify = require 'coffeeify'

bundle = browserify
  extensions: ['.coffee']

bundle.transform coffeeify,
  bare: false
  header: true

bundle.add ''

bundle.bundle (error, result) ->
  throw error if error?
  process.stdout.write result


With npm do:

npm install coffeeify