A web application skeleton ready to start developing with coffee-script and jacker
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A web application skeleton ready to start developing with coffee-script and the CommonJS packager jacker.


The bin/ directory contains some useful tools.

  • new -- create a new webapp instance
  • init -- set up development environment
  • build -- package application
  • runserver -- start development server
  • deploy -- deploy application
  • setup-repo -- configure deploy repository


Used to create a new webapp instance. A new git repo is created at the destination you specify and all the files and submodules are copied over.


Loads dependencies and builds the development javascript loader.


Packages the application using jacker.
Output is placed in build/


Starts a simple node.js runserver. It serves static files from app/. Useful for development since jacker's development loader uses XMLHTTPRequests.


Sends any new commits to the deployment repo (see setup-repo). The scripts in deploy/ will be run on the deployment server after changes are uploaded.

deploy -f forces a redeploy


Setup script for the deployment repo, can also be done manually. See git-remote-deploy for more info.


Clone this repository to your favorite development location and:

~/dev/webapp $ ./bin/new ../myapp
~/dev/webapp $ cd ../myapp
~/dev/myapp $ ./bin/init
~/dev/myapp $ ./bin/runserver

Point your browser to http://localhost:8080 (The development loader uses XMLHTTP requests to load required modules. You can use whatever server, just don't open the file directly since most browsers won't allow XHR's to be run in local files)

Then have a look in app/ and edit and commit to your hearts content. The example application structure is only a suggestion, only make sure that src/main.js is your applications entry point and that app.js is loaded by your html.

When you are done:

~/dev/myapp $ ./bin/build

Et voila, your application is ready for deployment. All javascript is minified to one file (app.js).

Copy the contents of the build folder to your deployment server or if you want to be fancy - check out the included deployment tools.


All you need is git, node.js and npm.