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### browserify plugin for wintersmith ###
browserify = require 'browserify'
readStream = (stream, callback) ->
chunks = []
stream.on 'error', callback
stream.on 'data', (chunk) -> chunks.push chunk
stream.on 'end', -> callback null, Buffer.concat chunks
resolveOption = (option) ->
### Resolve transform or plugin module option. Allows either a string for the
module name or an array where the first item is the module name and the
second is the options. E.g. `['coffeeify', {header: true}]` ###
if Array.isArray option
return {module: require(option[0]), options: option[1]}
else if typeof option is 'string'
return {module: require option}
throw new Error "Invalid option: #{ option }"
module.exports = (env, callback) ->
options = env.config.browserify or {}
options.transforms ?= ['coffeeify']
options.debug ?= (env.mode is 'preview')
options.externals ?= {}
options.requires ?= {}
options.static ?= []
options.ignore ?= []
options.staticLibs ?= []
options.staticLibsFilename ?= 'scripts/libs.js'
options.staticLibsBundle ?= false
options.extensions ?= ['.js', '.coffee']
options.plugins ?= []
# fileGlob for matching - default to provided extensions
exts = options.extensions
.map (ext) -> ext[1..]
.join '|'
options.fileGlob ?= "**/*.*(#{ exts })"
staticCache = {}
# watchify speeds up builds by only rebundling files that have changed
useWatchify = if options.watchify? then options.watchify else (env.mode is 'preview')
# whether to include static libs in the main bundle when building
bundleStaticLibs = options.staticLibsBundle is true and env.mode isnt 'preview'
if useWatchify
watchify = require 'watchify'
options.cache = {}
options.packageCache = {}
for transform, i in options.transforms
options.transforms[i] = resolveOption transform
for plugin, i in options.plugins
options.plugins[i] = resolveOption plugin
staticLibs = []
unless bundleStaticLibs
for lib in options.staticLibs
if typeof lib is 'string'
lib = {require: lib, expose: lib}
unless lib.require? and lib.expose?
throw new Error '
Library requires should be in the format:
{"require": "some-module", "expose": "some-name"}
staticLibs.push lib
class BrowserifyStaticLibs extends env.ContentPlugin
constructor: ->
@bundler = browserify()
for lib in staticLibs
@bundler.require lib.require, {expose: lib.expose}
getFilename: -> options.staticLibsFilename
getView: -> (env, locals, contents, templates, callback) ->
if staticLibs.length is 0
callback null, null
if @_cache?
callback null, @_cache
stream = @bundler.bundle()
readStream stream, (error, result) =>
unless error?
@_cache = result
callback error, result
class BrowserifyPlugin extends env.ContentPlugin
constructor: (@filepath) ->
@bundler = browserify options
if useWatchify
@bundler = watchify @bundler
@bundler.add @filepath.full
@bundler.external lib.expose for lib in staticLibs
for item in options.externals[@filepath.relative] or []
@bundler.external item
for item in options.requires[@filepath.relative] or []
name = ? item.require ? item
opts = {}
opts.expose = item.expose if item.expose?
@bundler.require name, opts
@bundler.ignore file for file in options.ignore
@bundler.plugin p.module, p.options for p in options.plugins
@bundler.transform t.module, t.options for t in options.transforms
@property 'source', ->
getFilename: ->
env.utils.stripExtension(@filepath.relative) + '.js'
getBundleView: -> (env, locals, contents, templates, callback) ->
stream = @bundler.bundle()
stream.on 'error', @formatParseError
callback null, stream
getStaticView: -> (env, locals, contents, templates, callback) ->
if staticCache[@filepath.relative]?
callback null, staticCache[@filepath.relative]
stream = @bundler.bundle()
stream.on 'error', @formatParseError
readStream stream, (error, result) =>
unless error?
staticCache[@filepath.relative] = result
callback null, result
formatParseError: (error) =>
# add better debuginfo to parse errors
if error.annotated?
error.message = error.annotated
getView: ->
if @filepath.relative in options.static
return @getStaticView()
return @getBundleView()
BrowserifyPlugin.fromFile = (filepath, callback) ->
callback null, new BrowserifyPlugin filepath
env.registerContentPlugin 'scripts', options.fileGlob, BrowserifyPlugin
if staticLibs.length > 0
libraryContent = new BrowserifyStaticLibs
env.registerGenerator 'browserify', (contents, callback) ->
callback null, {browserifyLibs: libraryContent}
env.locals.browserifyLibs = """<script src="#{ options.staticLibsFilename }"></script>"""