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koraa commented Mar 24, 2013

there have been vast changes in the Browserify API, e.g. look at:

exports in line 6/index.js

I have updated this plugin so It works again on my machine,
especially fixing these Issues:

  • Browserify now is not initialized with options but with files
  • A buffer can not be created from a stream

This is my first time working with node.js streams so could you please have a look if used the api badly. Also this definitly should by tested by someone else again.

koraa commented Mar 24, 2013

uhm. just hold it back a little. Does not work yet.

koraa commented Mar 24, 2013

Done. This now works for me.


jnordberg commented Mar 26, 2013

Thanks! But i'm going to hold merging this until browserify 2.0 lands substack/node-browserify#326

I've published a new version on npm that holds browserify back at 1.x


jnordberg commented Oct 5, 2013

Now using 2.0

jnordberg closed this Oct 5, 2013

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