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A Postfix policy server to check DBMail quotas
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dbmail-postfix-policyd is a Postfix policy server for use with DBmail.

	Copyright (c) 2005,2011 by Jesse Norell.  All rights reserved.
	Copyright (c) 2005,2011 by Kentec Communications,  Inc.  All rights reserved.

	dbmail-postfix-policyd was started as a fork of sqlgrey
	(carrying over the GNU General Public License), and as such:

	Portions Copyright (c) 2004-2007 by ETH Zurich. All rights reserved.

Currently only a Quota Check is performed, allowing some mail to be
rejected in SMTP that would otherwise push a user over their quota limits
(rather than accepting the mail in SMTP and generating a bounce message).
That keeps undeliverable bounce messages out of your local mail queue,
and is better net etiquitte.

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