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A collection of Pokemon SVGs. I claim no credit. I have merely assembled (read: caught) them all in this repo.


A Dockerfile and Makefile are included so that you can quickly and easily export images. Obviously, Docker is required and and Make is recommended.

The docker image finishes up at about 159.7 MB, mostly because of phantomjs.

Export all images with Make


Yup, that simple. Runs:

  • build - builds the docker container
  • docker - preps the container for repeat access, mounts volumes, etc.
  • images - processes all the images

Makefile options

Custom /out directory

After you have built the container, you can customize the /out directory if you do not want all the PNGs to show up here. Be sure the directory exists first.

Use the OUT=directory argument to send the PNGs elsewhere.

Example: Output PNGs to the /tmp directory
make OUT=/tmp docker
make images

Change the PNG export options

Same options as shakiba/svgexport. After you have built (make build) and started the container (make docker), you can customize the options for the PNGs if you want them at a different resolution.

Use the OPTS=options argument to modify the PNGs prior to export.

Example: Resize all images to max 24px wide
make OPTS=24: images
Example: Resize all images to max 128px tall
make OPTS=:128 images



The source icons are (c) Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK Inc./The Pokémon Company and used here under fair use in a non-commercial, open-source project.