An unofficial Applescript for YoruFukurou
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YoruFukurou workflow for YoruFukurou anywhere

1. select the text from anywhere
2. click the right button and choose 'YoruFukurou'
3. enjoy

To install with Git:

git clone git:// 
cd YoruFukurou_workflow/
mv YoruFukurou.workflow ~/Library/Services/

To install without Git:

1. Click the 'Downloads' button at the top right of this page
2. In the pop-up window, choose 'Download .tar.gz' or 'Download .zip', click
3. Go to 'Downloads' stack and double click the package which you just download to extract it
4. Go to the new folder, move the file 'YoruFukurou.workflow' to  ~/Library/Services/ 
   (You may need to use 'Go the Folder...' )

YoruFukurou workflow is an unofficial Applescript for using YoruFukurou more productively and easier

YoruFukurou (NightOwl) is a native Twitter client for Mac OS X written by @aki_null