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Note to Cocoa OpenSource Developers: If you release the source code to your project, please make the code available as a tar/gz archive, not DMG or StuffIt. Your GNUStep-using friends will thank you. Also be sure to check out ObjectLibrary.

Applications (Do not create separate pages for your OSS application. Simply list them here with a link.):

Known Inactive:

*CocoaPaint: Cocoa open source paint/image program, dedicated programmers needed => [] (no source code at all) *Downloadermac: Downloader is a universal cocoa application for downloading items from the internet. => [] (stub only) *PopWatch [](in the [])



Other links:

*Other GPL/Open Source projects show up on OS X Freshmeat [] fairly frequently. *For a list of open source cocoa projects with source available, head to [] *We have a few open chucks of code available on the code section of our website [] *I have created an open source project for a Lighting Control Framework called LightsOn, its available at [] I would love some more people to join in the development. *I, and others, are working on a project called CocoaPods [], which manages library dependencies for your Xcode project.

I can't make out which are the recently added items? Can we have a space for this?

I would have thought that hiving off inactive projects - in the sense that the sources are no longer available on the web - would be a better first move. Many older projects are plenty useful to for us to learn from. You can find recent projects (and much more) at , one of the sites given as an "other link". Pour devenir figurant sur garder le numéro, vous aurez peuvent avoir comptes propriétaire (code RIO ) [ rio bouygues]. Vous obtiendrez pour totalement gratuit par entrer en contact avec la voix mots du serveur ou du service à la clientèle votre actuel fournisseur de services [ numero rio bouygues] . Vous ne acquérir un SMS avec vos . Avec du [ numero rio orange], alors vous serez en mesure de vous abonner vers le offre de de son sur rouge.