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@jnpkrn jnpkrn tagged this Mar 18, 2016 · 1355 commits to next since this tag

Changelog highlights:
- this is a bug fix release with one minor enhancement
- bug fixes:
  . with {cib,pcs}2pcscmd* commands, clufter no longer chokes on
    validation failures (unless --nocheck provided) due to source CIB
    not containing "status" section (which is normally the case with
    implicit input located in /var/lib/pacemaker/cib/cib.xml);
    now the bundled, compacted schemas mark this section optional
    and also the recipe to distill such format from pacemaker native
    schemas ensures the same assumption holds even if not pre-existed
    [resolves: rhbz#1269964, comment 9]
    [see also:]
  . internal representations of command + options/arguments was fixed
    in several ways so as to provide correct outcomes in both general
    (previously, some options could be duplicated while overwriting
    other options/arguments, and standalone negative numbers were
    considered options) and pcs (--wait=X cannot be decoupled the same
    way option parsers can usually cope with, as pcs built-in parser
    treats this specifically) cases
- enhancements:
  . [cp]cs2pcscmd* commands now supports "--wait" parameter to pcs
    command for starting the cluster and prefers it to static "sleep"
    when possible (pcs version recent enough)
    [see also: rhbz#1229822]
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