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PCS - Pacemaker/Corosync configuration system
Quick install
# tar -xzvf pcs-0.9.26.tar.gz
# cd pcs-0.9.26
# make install
This will install pcs into /sbin/pcs
To create a cluster run the following commands on all nodes (replacing node1, node2, node3 with a list of nodes in the cluster.
# pcs cluster setup --local cluster_name node1 node2 node3
Then run the following command on all nodes:
# pcs cluster start
After a few moments the cluster should startup and you can get the status of the cluster
# pcs status
After this you can add resources and stonith agents:
# pcs resource help
# pcs stonith help
If you have an questions or concerns please feel free to email or open a github issue on the pcs project.
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