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QWatson - A simple Qt-GUI for the Watson time-tracker

License: GPL v3 Latest release Build status codecov

QWatson is a simple GUI entirely written in Python with PyQt5 for the Watson CLI time tracker developed by TailorDev. It is inspired by the time tracker developed by Project Hamster that I love and used for several years when I was working in Linux. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any open source equivalent for the Windows platform and decided to write my own when I learned about the existence of Watson.

Many thanks to TailorDev for sharing their awesome work.


To Know More About Watson


An installer and a binary for the Windows platform are available for download here or you can run it directly from source by cloning the repository and installing the required dependencies.

MacOSX and Linux
Unfortunately, QWatson is not being tested and no binary is available for the MacOSX and Linux platforms. However, it should be possible to run QWatson on those platforms directly from the source code, provided that the required dependencies are installed correctly.

In order to support the addition of log messages/comments to the activity frames, QWatson is distributed with an extended version of Watson (see Pull Request #1 and #59). This means that until this feature is officially supported in Watson, frames edited with QWatson won't be readable nor editable with the Watson CLI (see Issue #37).

For this reason, the default path for the QWatson application folder is set differently from that of Watson, so that one does not unknowingly make its whole activity database incompatible with the Watson CLI while trying out QWatson. On first startup, QWatson will ask if you want to import your settings and data from Watson.

Import Watson settings screenshot

This will simply copy over the configuration and data files from the Watson application folder to that of QWatson. If you decide not to import your Watson's settings and data on the first startup, it is always possible to do this afterwards by copying the files manually. Depending on your system, the default path for the application folders might be:

  • Windows: C:/Users/<user>/AppData/Roaming/
  • MacOSX: ~/Library/Application Support/
  • Linux: ~/.config/


QWatson is released under the GPLv3 License. See the bundled LICENSE file for details.