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A flat theme with transparent elements (actively maintained fork)
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jnsh build: Update export parameter for inkscape
Inkscape recently renamed [1] the --export-file parameter to
--export-filename. Update the build system accordingly, to allow
building with inkscape development versions again.


Fixes #26
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common build: Update export parameter for inkscape Mar 28, 2020
m4 build: Always define GNOME_SHELL_3_32_OR_NEWER Mar 25, 2020
.gitignore gnome-shell: Add Arc-Lighter variant Jan 21, 2020
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COPYING initial commit May 16, 2015 Update HACKING document following autotools changes Feb 23, 2019 build: Allow installing for Arc-Lighter variant Jan 2, 2020 build: Remove empty extra directory Jan 2, 2020 README: Fix variant count Jan 23, 2020 add build system May 28, 2015 build: Always define GNOME_SHELL_3_32_OR_NEWER Mar 25, 2020

Arc Theme

Arc is a flat theme with transparent elements for GTK 3, GTK 2 and various desktop shells, window managers and applications. It's well suited for GTK based desktop environments such as GNOME, Cinnamon, Xfce, Unity, MATE, Budgie etc.

The theme was originally designed and developed by horst3180, but the project has been unmaintained since May 2017.

This fork aims to keep the theme updated with new toolkit and desktop environment versions, resolve pre-existing issues, and improve and polish the theme while preserving the original visual design.

Arc is available in four variants


A screenshot of the Arc theme


A screenshot of the Arc-Darker theme


A screenshot of the Arc-Dark theme


A screenshot of the Arc-Lighter theme

Supported toolkits and desktops

Arc comes with themes for the following:

  • GTK 2
  • GTK 3 >=3.18
  • GNOME Shell >=3.18
  • Cinnamon >=2.8
  • Unity
  • Metacity
  • Xfwm
  • Openbox
  • Plank



Distro Link Notes
Arch Linux arc-gtk-theme-jnsh-git AUR package

Manual installation

See for build instructions, list of dependencies, build options and additional details.


If you find a bug, or have a suggestion for improving the theme, please open an issue at


Arc is available under the terms of the GPL-3.0. See COPYING for details.

Full Preview

A full screenshot of the Arc theme Screenshot Details: Icons: Arc | Launcher Icons based on White Pixel Icons | Wallpaper | Font: Futura Bk bt

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