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Stones that calcuate

Collection of resources about post-digital materiality compiled by Jonas and Paul

The website is mostly powered by Hugo. Some interactive parts are rendered by Svelte. We use npm-run-all to run both processes at the same time. Svelte builds its script into the assets folder, where it is then loaded by Hugo.

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The file name is the short form of the title of the source in dash case, e.g.

title: "The Stack: On Software and Sovereignty" # title of the source
date: 2020-09-09T17:32:36+02:00 # date of the last edit
draft: false # this must be false
aspect: "upscaling" # id of the related aspect
authors: ["Benjamin Bratton"] # list of authors as array
link: "" # link to the source
medium: "book" # the medium of the source
year: 2016 # release year
tags: ["The Stack", "accidental megastructure","planetary-scale computation", "diagram"] # tags that help the search on the archive page
weight: 1 # number in the sidebar of the aspect and also the ordering
notReferenced: true # if the source is not directly referenced in the text
archiveOnly: true # if the source is just displayed in the archive


To start both Hugo and Svelte run:

npm run dev


To build both Hugo and Svelte run:

npm run build