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+# README.markdown for 6model/c
+This subproject will try to port 6model to the C language. There are
+similarities with the 6model/java subproject, and some differences
+besides the target language.
+This port will also track upstream changes, but not from another subtree
+such as ../dotnet/ in the 6model repository. Instead, the prototype is
+ because of some useful advantages:
+* Much of the source code is already written in C.
+* The code is frequently improved and tested.
+There are some small practical inconveniences. The build tools assume
+that 6model and nqp are sibling project directories. After Rakudo/nom
+replaces Rakudo/beta, the build tools will be adjusted to assume that
+6model and Rakudo are sibling directories.
+## Supplying the functionality missing in C
+Compared to other Perl 6 runtime environments such as Parrot, CLR or
+JVM, C lacks some fairly essential capabilities. Here is how this
+subproject proposes to provide what is missing:
+* Hashes. There will be a HashTable library.
+* Garbage Collection. There will be a reference counting garbage
+collector, similar to the one in Perl 5, maybe improved with circular
+reference detection. It would be nice to also have a shim that allows
+other garbage collectors such as libgc (Boehm) to be used instead.
+* Unicode handling. There will be UTF-8 awareness in the input/output
+routines and in the byte-oriented storage. The port will make the
+imperfect assumption that codepoints are equivalent to characters.
+Later there will be hooks for dynamically loadable libraries to override
+that assumption (Unicode is huge and growing and implies performance

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