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+* Namespaces need to provide a hash interface
-=head1 Loading XS from Perl 5 in Blizkost
+* Namespaces need iterators
-I got this error when trying to load and XS module from Blizkost:
+* Implement get_export (requires namespace iteration)
-Can't load '/usr/lib/perl/5.10/auto/Data/Dumper/' for module Data::Dumper: /usr/lib/perl/5.10/auto/Data/Dumper/ undefined symbol: Perl_sv_cmp at /usr/lib/perl/5.10/ line 64.
- at /usr/lib/perl/5.10/Data/ line 36
+* Implement full aggregate API on P5Scalar (for refs)
-This could have been a configuration issue on my part. We need tests for these things, and if it is broken, it needs to be fixed. We have to have loading XS from Perl 5 working before using XS-loaded Perl 5 from Perl 6 can work.
+* marshal_obj uses tiebacks
+* Thunk Parrot objects as well as Parrot callables
-from #perl6 on 21. November 2009:
- 21:07:03 <@TimToady> I thought it had a real p5 interpreter inside it
- 21:07:25 <@TimToady> if so, it oughta be able to do XS
- 21:13:13 < dukeleto> TimToady: patches welcome! this is what happened last time I tried loading XS :
- 21:15:39 < dukeleto> TimToady: i should try again, a lot of work has gone into blizkost since then
- 21:15:56 <@TimToady> I would guess that it's probably just some configuration issue, unless blizkost is using miniperl
- 21:16:43 <@TimToady> but a real embedded Perl 5 ought to be able to load XS fairly easily
- 21:17:05 < dukeleto> TimToady: i don't think we use miniperl. it is a proper embedded perl 5 interp
- 21:17:53 < dukeleto> TimToady: for what definition of "fairly easily" ? does some marshalling code need to be written?
- 21:20:34 * dukeleto attempts to get blizkost working on a recent parrot
- 21:21:17 <@TimToady> fairly easily meaning that P5 code can see the XS modules, not that P6 necessarily can
- 21:22:25 < dukeleto> TimToady: yes, we can't even seem to get P5 code to see XS modules in blizkost yet.
- 21:24:24 <@TimToady> print out the embedded %ENV and see if parrot is interfering with it
+* Implement :from<> and Q:perl5 in Rakudo

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