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Try to warn earlier when problematic configuration is detected

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1 parent 801e519 commit bddf41a9e9483ad2f63efb630148f5eb6db1b865 @sorear sorear committed Apr 26, 2010
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@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ =head1 SYNOPSIS
use strict;
use warnings;
use Config;
+my %Perlconfig = %Config;
use Getopt::Long qw(:config auto_help);
@@ -55,6 +56,19 @@ =head1 SYNOPSIS
."Please give me the path to it with the --parrot-config=... option.";
+my $caution = 0;
+sub dubious {
+ my ($bool, $msg) = @_;
+ if ($bool) {
+ print $msg;
+ print "\n";
+ $caution ||= 1;
+ }
$config{p5_ldopts} = ldopts(1);
$config{p5_ccopts} = ccopts(1);
$config{p5_perl} = $^X;
@@ -115,6 +129,34 @@ sub slurp {
return $maketext;
+dubious !$Perlconfig{usemultiplicity}, <<MULT;
+Your Perl is not configured to allow runtime creation of new interpreters.
+Chances of success are quite slim. You should recompile Perl with the
+-Dusemultiplicity configuration option (-Dusethreads implies this).
+dubious !$Perlconfig{useshrplib}, <<SHR;
+Your Perl is not built as a dynamic library. In the best case this will result
+in a bloated Blizkost library; other possible results include significantly
+slower startup, increased per-process memory usage, and in the worst case
+crashes, depending on platform, as using non-dynamic libraries from dynamic
+ones is rarely well supported. If this is a problem in your environment,
+reconfigure Perl with -Duseshrplib.
+dubious $Perlconfig{cc} ne $config{cc}, <<TWOCC;
+Blizkost needs to be built using the same version of the same C compiler as
+both Perl and Parrot, in order to have a compatible interpretation of runtime
+data layouts. However, this is not possible, as your Perl and your Parrot are
+built with different C compilers (Perl: $Perlconfig{cc}, Parrot: $config{cc})!
+Runtime instabilities are the most likely result. To fix, recompile Parrot or
+Perl with the other's compiler.
+# XXX: Find a good way to test CPU types, for multiarch systems (it's rarely
+# possible to dlopen code for a different CPU, even if both CPU types can be
+# interpreted by the hardware)
print <<BYE;
Okay, we're done!
@@ -125,6 +167,11 @@ sub slurp {
The Blizkost Team
+if ($caution) {
+ print "\n* * * Proceed with installation at your own risk.\n";
+ exit 1;
# Local Variables:
# mode: cperl
# cperl-indent-level: 4

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