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-=head1 Blizkost
-Blizkost exposes Perl 5 in Parrot and make it accessible through the standard
-HLLCompiler interface. It does this by embedding Perl 5, and then building out
-from there.
-=head2 How?
-First build and install (requires an installed parrot,
-including C<make install-dev> or C<apt-get install libperl-dev>):
- perl --parrot-config=... # path to installed parrot_config
- make
- make install
-If you do this, you will be able to use it from Rakudo (just make sure you
-use the same parrot_config as Rakudo did).
-If you want to get at it from other Parrot programs, it's as easy as:
- load_language 'perl5'
- $P0 = compreg 'perl5'
- $P1 = $P0.'compile'('print "chces ist na pivo?\n"')
- $P1()
-You can also do:
- make blizkost.exe # drop the .exe if not using Windows
-And you get an executable with a REPL that lets you run Perl 5 code.
-=head2 Status
-Blizkost has only just got started! Right now, it supports enough for you to
-eval a string of Perl 5 code - and that is about it. Other languages that
-implement eval-style functionality by using load_language and compreg should
-find it will somewhat work for them. In Rakudo, we already have it working
-enough to do:
- C:\Consulting\rakudo>perl6
- > eval('print "hello from perl 5\n";', :lang<perl5>)
- hello from perl 5
-=head2 The Plan From Here
-The next step is to try and do enough so that values returned from eval can
-be accessed in the calling language.
-Beyond that, I think it'll be a case of trying to implement the bits of
-the HLLCompiler interface so we might be able to do things in Rakudo like:
- use Thingy :from<perl5>;
-However, getting that working could well be a huge amount of effort. So...
-=head2 Help!
-While I'm pretty happy with Parrot guts, Perl 5 guts are still something of an
-unknown to me. Thus all help on this project from those in the know, or who
-want to explore, will be very, very welcome. If you want a commit bit, just
-message me or catch me on #parrot (on or #perl6 (on freenode)
-and note your interest in contributing.
-I'm also developing on Windows primarily, so if you find the build busted on
-your platform, please help fix it.
-=head2 Oh, and why the name?
-Blizkost is the Slovak word that, according to my Slovak to English dictionary,
-means things like "closeness", "contiguity" and "familiar". Since we're trying
-to build support between contiguous versions of the Perl programming language,
-version 5 of which is familiar, and our aim is to increase their closeness (that
-is, bring Perl 5 closer to the Perl 6 world so you can use Perl 5 code from Perl
-6), it seemed rather fitting. :-)
-=head2 You do know that the "t" is actually a soft consonant, right?
-Ano, viem...
-=head2 Who's to blame?
-Jonathan Worthington C<> started the Blizkost project. He hopes
-others will join the fun too.
-Blizkost is destributed under the same terms as Parrot itself. See the file
-named LICENSE in the source root for details.
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+# This is not the Perl 5 bridge you're looking for
+Blizkost was an early experiment exploring embedding Perl 5 in order to provide access to Perl 6 modules from
+Perl 6. This effort has been replaced by [Inline::Perl5](, which is
+far more complete and works with the current Rakudo Perl 6 implementation.

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