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An implementation of the Perl 6 Scheduler role with virtualized time.
Perl 6
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An implementation of the Perl 6 Scheduler role that uses virtualized time. This allows for testing of code depending on constructs like and Supply.interval(...) more quickly and reliably than would be possible if real time were used.


use Test;
use Test::Scheduler;

sub timeout($source, $timeout) {
    supply {
        whenever $source -> $value {
            state $values++;
            emit $value;

            my $last-values = $values;
            whenever$timeout) {
                if $last-values == $values {
                    die "Timed out";

    my $*SCHEDULER =;
    my $test-source = supply {
        for 1, 2, 5 {
            whenever$_) {
                emit 'badger';
    my $timed-out = timeout($test-source, 2);
    my @received;
    my $died = False;
        { @received.push($_) },
        quit => { $died = True }

    is @received, [], 'No values yet';

    is @received, ['badger'], 'one value after 1s';
    nok $died, 'No timeout yet';

    is @received, ['badger', 'badger'], 'Two value after 2s';
    nok $died, 'No timeout yet';

    is @received, ['badger', 'badger'], 'Still two value after 3s';
    nok $died, 'Still not timed out yet';

    is @received, ['badger', 'badger'], 'Still two value after 4s';
    ok $died, 'And have timed out';

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